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What is CG and how can we compute it?
Center of Gravity, use the arm, moment, and weight
What is the Height/Velocity diagram and what does it limit?
a diagram showing the dangerous areas to avoid relating to heights at particular veloicties
How does density altitude affect helicopter performance?
Density altitude affects performance - (lift, efficiency, etc). Higher density altitude gives poorer performance.
Name the situations that can cause LTE.
Main Rotor Disc Interference - left quartering headwind
TR Vortex ring stay - Crosswind from left
Weathervaning - Tailwind
High DA - cant overcome the MR torque
What are the conditions and solutions to retreating blade stall.
Conditions - high forward airspeed, high turbulence, steep turns, low rpm
Solutions - slow down, know Vne, be aware of situation
What happens when you operate inside the shaded areas of the H/V diagram?
The shaded areas of the H/V diagram are specific speed/altitudes to avoid for safe flight. They are recommended to be avoided, but not required. You may not be able to recover from an emergency in time while in the shaded areas.
What are the 9 maneuver limitations as outlined in the R22 POH?
1. No flight in icing conditions
2. above 14k feet
3. no low-g pushovers
4. aerobatic maneuvers
5. min pilot 1
6.solo from right seat only
7. governor off flight prohibited
9. left seat belt must be buckeled
What is Vne?
Velocity to never exceed, 102 kias
What is the max/min power on RPM percentage?
104, 101
What is a max performance takeoff?
altitude over airspeed to clear obstacles
What is OGE and how does it affect the helicopter?
out of ground effect hover, there is greater induced flow which diminishes the angle of attack and thus you are not able to hover in some instances OGE, even while you may be able to hover IGE.
What are IGE limitations and how are they obtained?
IGE limitations describe the conditions in can or cannot hover IGE. They are obtained from the POH chart called IGE hover cieling vs Gross weight.
What effect does high temperature, high humidity, and high density altitude have on the helicopter's performance?
They all contribute to decrease the helicopter's performance.
What is ETL?
Effective Translational Lift. ETL is felt at 16-24 kts, and it is the transition point between mostly downward airflow(high induced flow) to a more horizontal airflow(lower induced flow). This transition gives the helicopter better lift performance.
How do you correct a low RPM light and horn situation?
Gentle down collective and on throttle simultaneously