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What are the VFR weather minimums for a pilot to enter class C airspace?
3sm 1000 above 500 below 2000 horizontal
What are the weather minimums on the ground to classify weather as VFR?
3 sm 1000 ft cloud ceiling
What equipment is required for entry into class B airspace?
mode c, 2way radio, clearance, pilot license and appropriate endorsements
At what altitude does class C airspace normally terminate?
What is the general shape of class B airspace?
upsidedown wedding cake
What are the VFR minimums to fly in class G airspace?
clear of clouds, safe speed to see and avoid
Describe class A airspace.
Jet traffic, everyone IFR, specific squawks, everyone is controlled, 18k feet to 60k feet
What are the requirements to enter class D airspace?
2way radio, transponder and altitude encoder, clearance, pilot license and endordsements
How do you gain entry into restricted airspace?
contact controlling agency or go when the restriction is not in effect
What is SVFR and how is it obtained?
Special VFR, contact controlling tower or FSS and request it
Describe class C airspace.
usually sfc to 4k feet, usually 2 layers, lots of traffic, but not as much as B.
What is class E airspace?
Echo, controlled airspace, sfc, 700, or 1200 ft. to overlying airspace, usually A.
Who controls class E airspace, and who do you contact when you are in it?
you must talk to the control tower or the FSS/ATCC controlling the space
What do you need in your possession to gain entry to class B airspace?
pilots license and appropriate endorsements, 2 way radio contact, clearance, visibility, Mode C transponder
What are the equipment requirements for class G airspace?
radio comm