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What is dead reckoning?
computing direction and distance from a known position
What is Pilotage?
referencing visible landmarks
What are the FSS frequencies?
122.2, 122.4, 122.6
What is the fuel burn rate of the R-22?
10 GPH
How does wind affect the course of a cross country flight?
the wind can push you off course slowly to the point where you need to correct it by canceling the effect of the wind by flying a different heading
What is the difference between magnetic heading and magnetic bearing?
Bearing is corrected for deviation. Heading is the magnetic direction to the destination
Describe magnetic variation and deviation.
deviation is the instrument error caused my the helicopter itself, installation, etc. Variation is the difference between the magnetic pole and true north.
How do you avoid a wire strike?
Always fly over the top of the poles
What is an example of an easily identifiable checkpoint?
a lake
What does Class B airspace look like on a sectional chart?
blue solid line, many layers
What does class C airspace look like on a sectional?
red solid line, usually 2 layers
How can you tell how high an object is on a sectional?
next to the object it will have the height of the object MSL, and the height AGL in parenthesis.
How can you identify what runway is in use at your destination airport?
In the AFD it might give a favored runway, tower/ATIS designation, prevailing winds, CTAF communications
How do you know if your destination airport has services such as fuel?
you can call ahead, you can tell by the tick marks on the sectional
How do you figure out how long a cross country flight will take?
you can calculate ground speed and airspeed based on winds and temps, etc.
How do you file a flight plan?
call 1-800-wx-brief or talk to FSS
What is the lowest altitude for a cross country flight?
low enough to not cause damage to persons or property. Preferred: 500ft to 1000 ft agl
Where can you find information on your destination airport's lighting?
in the AFD or on the sectional/TAC
What is true course?
The direction traveled to a destination on a 360 degree radial with 0/360 as true north
What is true airspeed?
Airspeed that has been calibrated and corrected for winds