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Pass it! (pen.)
He needs to pass it.. (mirror)
Él necesita pasarlo.
John passes it. (food)
Juan la pasa
Mary doesn't pass it (plate).
María no lo pasa.
Does John pass it? (vase)
¿Lo pasa Juan?
Doesn't Martha pass it (light)
¿No la pasa Marta?
With a command, where does the object pronoun go?
after the verb
If there is an infinitive, where would an object pronoun go?
after the verb
If there is no command nor an infinitive in a sentence, where would an object pronoun go?
before the verb
Do we copy them (words) five times?
¿Las copiamos cinco veces?
Recite (Ud) them (verses).
Do they begin them (exercises)?
¿Los comienzan?
Robert closes it (book).
Roberto lo cierra.
Don't they have them (exams)?
¿No los tienen?
I need to use it (pencil).
Necesito usarlo.
Mary and I want to prepare it (homework).
María y yo quieren prepararla.
Consult it! (dictionary)
I don't study it (lesson).
Yo no la estudio.
Do we read it? (newspaper)
¿Lo leemos?
My brother and I prefer to practice it. (pronunciation)
My hermano y yo preferimos practicarla.