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Look at him!  
Look at her!  
Look at them (masc)!  
Look at them (fem)!  
Look at it. (masc)!  
Look at it. (fem)!  
Study it (masc)!  
Use them (fem)!  
Pass them (masc)!  
Visit him!  
Let's visit him!
¡Vamos a visitarlo!
You need to visit him.  
Usted necesita visitarlo. 
Listen to them (fem.)!  
Answer him!  
Present it (masc)!  
John needs to visit me.  
Juan necesita visitarme.  
Mary wants to visit us.  
María quiere visitarnos.  
Is he able to visit her?  
¿Puede visitarla?  
Are they going to listen to you (tú)?
¿Van a escucharte?  
Is she going to visit them (fem)? 
¿Va a visitarlas?  
I'm going to wait for them (masc).  
Voy a esperarlos.  
Please visit us.  
Favor de visitarnos.  
Do you (tú) prefer to accept her? 
¿Prefieres aceptarla?