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What kind of charge is a Proton?
Positive Charge
What kind of charge is a electron?
Negative Charge
What kind of a charge is a Neutron?
No charge
How do you get an isotope?
Changing the number of neutrons
How do you get an ion?
Changing the number of electrons
How did Dmitri organize his elements?
Atomic Mass and Elements with the same properties
Define the word Element.
Any substance that cannot be broken down into another surface
Define the word Matter.
Anything that has mass and takes up space
Define the words Atomic Number.
Number of protons
How do we organize our elements?
Atomic Number and Elements with the same properties
What are the 7 pieces of information found in an element box?
. Atomic Number
. # of protons
. # of electrons
. Symbol
. Name
. Atomic Mass
. # of neutrons
Why is there a gap in the periodic table?
It seperates those that arent alike in the groups