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What is suggested treatment for an uncomplicated case of Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis)?
Stretch and strengthen the wrist flexors.
T or F: Tennis elbow is described as a strain to the common insertion of the wrist extensors.
T or F: a special test used to confirm the diagnosis of golfer's elbow is reproduction of pain with resisted wrist flexion.
What orthotic devices are commonly perscribed for Tennis Elbow?
Wrist cock-up (MaxPP) and Counterforce brace (MinPP)
True or False: resistance exercises can be initiated with both medial and lateral epicondylitis problems when patients can exhibit painfree AROM.
What kind of movement would cause injury to the MCL?
Why is Deep transverse friction massage (DTFM) advocated for med and lat epicondylitis.
DFTM has been shown to stimulate phagocytosis, it stimulates fiber orientation in regenerating connective tissue and prevents adhesion formation and ruptures unwanted adhesions
True or False: eccentric strengthening plays an important role in the MinPP of Tennis elbow.
True, see page 423 in Shankman
A PT wants to perform a joint mobilization technique to gain elbow flexion in an OKC. What direction should the radius be mobilized?
What are the goals associated with the MaxPP of both Med and Lat Epicondylitis treated non-operatively.
Decrease pain, edema and spasms, develop soft tissue and joint mobility, and maintain UE function
What are the goals associated with the Controlled Motion/Return to Function phase of both Med and Lat Epicondylitis treated non-operatively.
Increase muscle flexibility and scar mobility, restore joint tracking of the RU jt, improve muscle performance and function and patient education
True or False: A varus deformity at the elbow is called a gunstock deformity.
A posterior interosseous nerve entrapment syndrome can mimic tennis elbow. How can differentiate the two problems?
Tenderness will be distal to the Lat epicondyle and there may be weakness in the thumb extensors
True or False: a PIN compression does not have sensory loss as a symptom.
True, only motor function is compromised
True or False: Posterior interosseous nerve entrapment syndrome is classified as a neuropraxia.
False, Axomotmesis (Colby and Kisner) See chapter on Peripheral Nerve Injuries
What complication is associated with supracondylar fractures of the humerus?
Volkmann's ischemic contracture.
What is the MOST common complication after elbow dislocation?
Loss of extension
What kind of elbow dislocation is most common?
DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis involves the tendons of what muscles?
What nerve is compressed with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)?
Name the intrinstic muscles that maybe involved with CTS?
Opponens pollicis, APB, FPB (superficial head) and lumbericals I and II
What ligament forms the roof of the carpal tunnel?
Transverse carpal ligament
What is the third exercise in the median nerve glide mobilization sequence?
Wrist and fingers extended and thumb in neutral.
True or False: The last exercise in median nerve glide mobilization requires that the thumb be stretched into flexion.
Flase, extension
Tendon gliding exercises are recommended for CTS. Describe the sequence of movements.
Straight hand, hook fist, full fist, table top and straight fist.
According to Shankman, when should resistance exercises be added to a CTS program?
4-5 weeks after onset
True or False: Colles fractures involve fracture to the distal radius.
According to Shankman, when should resistance exercises be added to a Colles fracture program?
When secure bone union has ocurred which is reported to take 5-8 weeks
What special tests are used to assess CTS?
Tinel's and Phalen's
What special test is used to confirm deQuervian’s syndrome?
Finkelstein’s Test
What special test is used to check the vascularity of radial and ulnar arteries?
Allen test
What is the recovery time for Colles' fractures?
Up to one year
Where would you palpate if you suspected a Scaphoid fracture?
Anatomical snuffbox
True or False: A common complication associated with scaphoid fractures is nonunion.
True or False: Skier's thumb involves injury to the radial collateral ligament of the thumb.
False, ulnar
What kind of exercises are contraindicated after the first week of reduction of a posterior elbow dislocation and why?
Passive stretching because it my cause myositis ossificans
True or False: stretching to the elbow is contraindicated with tramatic injuries to the brachialis muscle.
True, ossification of the injured tissue is a potential complication
What movements are commonly affected after radial head injuries?
Pronation and supination
What is the capsular patten for the wrist?
Flexion and extension loss are equal
True or False: regaining full elbow ROM after a radial head fracture is a realistic post-surgical goal.
False, heterotopic bone formation is often a complication of elbow fractures, dislocations and elbow joint surgery.
What is the capsular patten for the elbow?
Flexion loss is greater than extension loss.
What is the usual length of immobilization associated with surgical treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
2-14 days
What are the two criteria used to progress a patient who is S/P radial head excision from the MaxPP to the ModPP?
Satisfactory wound healing and painfree Active movements of the elbow
Name the ROM precautions after a total elbow replacement.
1. Perform ROM only w/in the arc of motion acheived during surgery
2. If symptoms of ulnar nerve compression are noted, avoid prolonged positioning or stretching into end-range flexion
Name the strengthening precautions after a total elbow replacement.
Weight training using moderate and high loads is not appropriate afer a total elbow replacement.
Name the Functional activities precautions after a total elbow replacement.
1. Avoid moving or carrying objects with the operated extremity for 6 weeks.
2. Limit repetitive lifting to 1# for the first 3 months, 2# for the first 6 months, and no more than 5# thereafter. NEVER LIFT MORE THAN 10 TO 15# IN A SINGLE LIFT.
3. Do not participate in recreational activiites, like golf or tennis, that place hogh loads or impact across the elbow
A PT decides to use Iontophoresis on a patient with Tennis elbow. What medication is commonly used to decrease inflammation?
If a PT wanted to gain elbow extension in an OKC, what direction would would he/she mobilize the radius?
Posteriorly, since the radius is the concave surface, the roll and glide are in the same direction as the motion.
What position should the PTA place the shoulder, forearm and elbow to maximally stretch the biceps.
Shoulder extension, forearm pronation and elbow extension.
A PTA is asked to stretch the long head of the triceps on a patient with a healed radial fracture. What is the perferred postion to perform this exercise?
Sitting, see Colby figure 3-8