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repeating initial consonant sounds: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics:
humorous use of words, playing on different uses of the same word: synonym buns, rigamaroles, & just deserts
Central idea of a literary work - an idea or insight about life that the events suggest
Literary Work
something that is written: a story, a novel, a play, a biography, a book.
According to the Whether Man, what is the Land of Expectations?
Expectations is the place you must always go to before you get to where you are going
In the real world, what are the Doldrums?
A region known for long periods of calm winds
What are Lethargarians?
People without energy; sluggish behaviors - They suffer from lethargy. They avoid doing anything - they just waste time
What did the Watchdog tell Milo to do to get out of the Doldrums?
Think - think hard
Explain "rhyme" and "reason"
Rhyme - the pleasing aspects of language and Reason - the practical or logical aspects
What is the significance of Dynne's name?
It comes from the word din which is a loud, continuous noise - usually unpleasant.
What happens when a person eats Subtraction Stew?
The more he eats, the hungrier he gets.
Where would you find the biggest and smallest numbers? To find the largest number... To find the smallest number...
In the Land of Infinity
Add one to the largest number you know.
Divide the smallest number you know in half
What lesson did Milo learn?
We can do more than we think we can and shouldn't let the idea of something being impossible keep us from trying.