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two or more adjacent objects of unlike temps are placed in contact and a state of energy exchange.
IE ice pack, ice massage, ice towels
exchance of heat b/t a surface and a fluid moving over teh surface.
IE whirlpool baths, ice bath, contrast baths
sprated onto the skin.
IE spray and stretch techniques use fluoromethane, alcohol sponge baths
ice pack...
how long applied?
20 min every 2 waking hours
ice massage...
how long?
7-10 minutes (once numbness is achieved)
ice towels...
wate to ice ratio?
1 part water and 2 parts ice
ice towels...
how long?
30sec-2 min
then apply new towel
nobody uses this
cold whirlpool...
temp on extremities? 1
temp on whole body? 2
time? 3
1) 55-65 F
2)65-80 F
3) 10-15 minutes
ice bath...
mix with _:_ water and ice 1
no more than _minutes 2
1) 1:1
2) 10 (or until numb)
contrast baths
involve what?
alternating hot and cold immersion
(98-106 F and 55-65 F)
contrast baths
hot cold ratio?
how long?
why use it?
3 parts hot, i part cold
at least 20 minutes
alt vasocon and dil creates a pumping effet to increase circulaton and reduce stasis