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Strong innate forces that provide all the energy in the psychic system
Freud's life instinct
Freud's death instinct
holding thoughts and memories about which person is unaware; includes unacceptable sexual and aggressive urges, thoughts, and feelings
Contains thoughts, feelings, and images about which you are presently aware
Contains information you are not presently thinking about, but can be easily retrieved and made conscious
Unconscious material can “leak” into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Unconscious Motivation
Freud's belief that nothing happens by chance; everything we do is a reflection of conscious, preconscious, or unconscious
Psychic Determinism
A metaphor for energy from instincts, which builds up and demands release
Main tool of the superego in enforcing right and wrong
An unpleasant state that signals that things are not right and something must be done
Anxiety that occurs in response to real, external threat to a person
Objective Anxiety
Anxiety that occurs when there is direct conflict between id and ego
Neurotic Anxiety
Anxiety that is caused by conflict between ego and superego
Moral Anxiety
Psychosexual stage of personality development in which the main sources of pleasure and tension reduction are the mouth, lips, and tongue
Oral stage (Birth to 18 months)
Psycho sexual stage of personality development in which the child obtains pleasure from first expelling feces and then, during toilet training, from retaining feces
Anal stage (18 months to three years)
Unconscious wish to have opposite-sex parent all to self by eliminating the same-sex parent
(Occurs during Phallic Stage)
Oedipal and Electra conflicts
Psycho sexual stage of development in which the focus of child is on learning skills and abilities necessary to succeed as adult
Latency (six to puberty)
Psycho sexual stage of development in which libido is focused on the genitals, but not in manner of self-manipulation associated with the phallic stage
Genital stage (puberty through adult life)
A method of deliberately restructuring personality
Most primitive part of the mind;
Source of all drives and urges
Desires immediate gratification
Something unavailable is conjured up and the image of it is temporarily satisfying
Wish fulfillment
Part of the mind that operates according to reality. It understands that urges of Id conflict with social and physical reality (strategies and problem solving)
Part of the mind that internalizes ideals, values, and morals of society;
What some refer to as the “conscience”
Psychosexual stage of development where the child realizes they do or do not have a penis, have sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex, and unconsciously wants to eliminate parent of same sex
Phallic stage (three to give years)
According to Jung: Part of the psyche that contains that conscious mind
According to Jung: Part of the psyche that contains anything not presently conscious but could be (ex. memories)
Personal unconscious
According to Jung: part of the psyche that contains knowledge we are born with and are not conscious of.
Collective unconscious
Archetype that symbolizes spiritual power (e.g. penis, magic wands, etc.)
Archetype that symbolizes dark side of our ego (parts we don’t like to admit to)
Archetype that symbolizes our public image
Archetype that symbolizes the female aspect present in collective unconscious of all men
Archetype that symbolizes the male aspect present in the collective unconscious of all women
Archetype that symbolizes guidance and authority
Archetype that symbolizes future and salvation
Archetype that symbolizes the ego and is engaged in fighting the shadow
Archetype that symbolizes purity and innocence
Archetype that symbolizes humans’ relationships with animal kingdom
Archetype that symbolizes the ultimate unity of the personality