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-presence of impaired mental testing
what is the prevelance of schizophrenia?
-1 to 1.5% in US
how do age and gender effect the incidence of schizo?
-men and women have equal prevalence
-men have earlier onset and worse prognosis
how does social class effect schizo prevalence?
-higher for lower class people
is there a genetic component to schizo?
what environmental factors can influence schizo prevalence?
-more schizos are born during winter months
-stress can trigger it
-substance abuse is often associated
how can nuerological problems cause schizo?
-too much DA
-too much 5HT
-problem in limbic system (contains many DA neurons)
what are the symptoms of schizo?
-disorganized speech
-disorganized or catatonic behavior
-negative symptoms
characteristics of paranoid type schizo
-preoccupation with delusions or frequent auditory hallucinations
characteristics of disorganized schizo
-disorganized speech and behavior
-flat affect
characteristics of catatonic schizo
-motoric immobility or excessive motor activity
-extreme negativism
-peculiarities of voluntary movement
characteristics of undifferentiated schizo
-doesnt fit any of the other 3
what might you see during the mental status exam of a psychotic patient?
-appearance may seem uniquely odd
-speech may be stilted
-mood may be depressed with flat affect
-cognition usually intact
-abrupt interruption in train of thinking before a thought or idea is finished
-new word created by patient
flight of ideas
-rapid plays on words that produce constant shifting from one idea to another
loose associations
-flow of thought in which ideas shift from one subject to another in completely unrelated ways
clang association
-association of words similar in sound but not in meaning
-ex rhyming
word salad
-incoherent mixture of words or phrases
-false sensory perception
-misinterpretation of real external stimuli
-false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that cannot by corrected by reasoning
characteristics of schizophreniform disorder
-schizo episode that lasts from 1 to 6 months and is then resolved
characteristics of schizoaffective disorder
-schizo episode with either major depressive disorder, manic episode or both
-must have delusions of hallucinations for 2 weeks
brief psychotic disorder
-psychotic episode that lasts at least one day but less than one month
delusional disorder
-non bizarre delusions for at least one month
how much do psychotic disorders cost society anually?
-$50 billion
what treatment options besides pharmacologic are available for psychotic patients?
-behavior therapy
-group therapy
-family/supportive therapy