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How many kids in the US have mental illnesses and how many of those receive treatment?
-8 million
-only 20%
psychoanalytic theory of treatment
-psychopathologic processes evolve from significant experiences that have affected the child adversely
developmental theory of treatment
-pathology viewed from a developmental frame of reference
family theory of treatment
-problems arise in the context of family functioning
behavioral theory of treatment
-abnormal behavior results froma failure to learn or as a consequence of learning innapropriate things
what are the common characteristics of psychotherapies used on children?
-neutral, middle, and terminal stages
what kind of kids take well to supportive therapy?
-a well adjusted kid in crisis
psychodynamic psychotherapy
-self understanding
-constructive liberation of psychic energy
cognitive therapy
-correct cognitive distortions
-develop effective coping strategies
what are some of the indications for psychotherapy in kids?
-fair environmental stability
-cognitive capacity
-must have parent involvement
what type of group therapy is indicated for preschoolers?
-social skills group
-parent and child group
what type of group therapy is indicated for latency age kids?
-verbal explanation of fantasies
-group play
-open discussion
what type of group therapy is indicated for adolescents?
-active role of therapist (early on) then passive role later
what type of environment is used in Milieu therapy?
-therapeutic atmosphere
What criteria are related to milieu therapy?
-acuity, severity, safety
-principle of least restrictive environment
what baseline assessments should be done prior to psychotropic use in kids?
-physical exam
-lab test (extensive)
-behavioral assessment
what are some general principles of pediatric psychotropic use?
-developmental issues
-role/expectation of drug
-drug holiday (periodic tapering of drug
-informed consent
chlorpromazine (thorazine)
-severe explosive behavior