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Mania-Drugs to treat
Lithium (ESkalith) gold standard, also Depakot and tegratol (Carbamazide) (neurontin, , lamictol-not on terms)
Lithium toxicity
Ed close to LD.Need blood monitoring. dose tapered off as Mania decraeses, because metabolism decreases
LI+ Side effects
1.Serious and dangerous- Thirst and polyurea-may indicate intoxication
2.Disturbing but not dangerous: Weight gain, fatigue, dry mouth, tremor (most disturbing) swoleen ankles, cog. effects
Tegratol and depakot were what before they were mood stabilizers?
Anti SZ. meds, they also have a little antidepressant effect
Zyprexa and ,mania
works well according to Rickles, problem is a huge appetite and weight gain, normally a novel antipsychotic
Antipsychotics, Traditional
Thorazine, haldol, mellaril
Antipsychotics, novel
Clozapine, zyprexa, seroquel,Risperidone, gedeone belify
Why are the novel antipsychotics better?
Less TD and EPS. Less anticholinergic effects, Block DA and 5HT, more balanced
Why TD and EPS
Traditional antipsychotics block DA not only in the mesolimbic system (which decreases positive Schiz sxs, but also the mesocortical-making negative sxs worse and in the nigrostriatal-where they create a parkinson like syndrome called EPS or TD
Novel antipsychotic down side
Increase prolactin, can't use in women with history of hormone sensitive breast cancer, bring on type II diabetes.
Antipsychotics also work for
PSychotic, agitated depression, borderline, somatisizing
If SSRI's and BZ's don't work for nervous nellies give what?
Mood stabilizers-neurontin
Meds and PD
work 20 percent of the time, perhaps there is underlying deoression etc..or narcissist may be better
When NOT to use psychotherapy without meds
1. Schizophrenia
2. Manic Episode
3. MAjor depression
PSychotherapy treatment-Axis I vs. II
We treat axis II disorders. clinical responsibility to think about the meds