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what are the two types of depth cues?

Hint: you take them to football games
Monocular and binocular
you take them to football games
What are monocular cues?

Hint: Not both
depth cues that appear in the image in either the left or right eye
not both
what are binocular cues?

Hint: Combo
depth cues that involve comparing the left and right eye
objects appear to have unchannging characteristics, despite distance, shape, motion or illumination.

Hint: constant
What is perceptual consistancy?
We see what we expect to see. Mental predisposition to see an ambiguous stimuli a certain way

Hint: set
perceptual set
What causes awareness of ourselves and our environment?

Hint: the holy spirit
the holy spirit
Sleep, Dreams and hypnosis are all stages of what?

Hint: the holy spirit
the holy spirit
What is stage 1 of sleep?

Hint: i'm crazy
5 minutes early sleep

i'm crazy
what is stage 2 of sleep?

Hint: mince pies
20 minutes light sleep

-sleep talking
mince pies
What is stage 3 of sleep?

Hint: _____ force
5 minutes of transition to deep sleep

increasing delta waves
_____ force
What is stage 4 of sleep?

Hint: 30 ____ force
30 minutes of deep sleep

delta waves
less and less through the night
30 ____ force
What is REM Sleep?

Hint: are you sleeping?
heart rate increases
irregular breathing
eye movements
genital arousal
awake brain waves
are you sleeping?
What are circadian rhythms?

Hint: tick tock
circadian rhythm is your biological clock

controls body temp and production of cortisol
tick tock
what were aserinsky and kleitmans basic ideas?

Hint: day_____ believer
you dream during rem
you dream alot
everyone dreams
day_____ believer
What was Dement's basic idea?

Hint: do i have to?
is dreaming necessary?
deprived people of rem sleep
REM rebound effects
effects of alcohol on REM sleep
do i have to?