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For girls, the usual sequence of physical changes in puberty is:
growth of nipples
initial pubic hair
peak growth spurt
widening of hips
first menstral period
final pubic hair
full breast
The sequence of the release of hormones in puberty is:
Estrogen in Girls testosterone in boys
The most powerful effect on adolescent joy or anger usually comes from:
Besides gender, the three main factors that affect the timing of puberty are:
Body fat
In a recent experiment conducted on 10- to 14-year olds and their food choices:
Choose healthy foods if they are cheaper than unhealthy ones
The growth spurt typically occurs during puberty in the following order:
weight usually precedes height
the limbs precede the torso
The fantasies, preoccupations, and impulses of puberty are shaped by:
gender, availability, and culture
The adolescent's ability to plan, to reflect, to analyze, and to decide is a function of the:
maturation of the prefrontal cortex
Kevin and Sophia want to instill good values in their three children by being positive role models and spending quality time with them. According to brain research, an especially potent time to accomplish this is during adolescence because the:
incomplete brain development
Song, at age 13, is experiencing a growth spurt. Previously an early riser, he is still in bed at 10AM if given the chance and not asleep until 1AM. These changes may be attributed to:
Hypothalamus and pituitary glands
Girls who become pregnant before the age of 15 are more likely to experience:
Birth complications:
spontaneous abortion
high blood pressure
still birth
Diagnosing STIs in adolescents is problematic because:
don't seek treatment
ashamed and afraid
Annual nationwide surveys of high school seniors show that about ______ percent have tried alcohol and about ______ percent have smoked at least one cigarette.
The experimental antidrug program that has police officers go into classrooms and teach children and adolescents about the harmfulness of drug usage is called:
Adolescent thinking is a combination of:
Brain maturation
intense conversations
additional years of schooling
moral challenges
increased independence
An adolescent's statement that, “But, Mother, you just don't understand; nobody understands!” is indicative of:`
adolescent Ego-centrism
Sixteen-year-old Paul drinks heavily and drives dangerously fast, believing that he cannot be hurt. Paul is demonstrating:
Invincibility fable
The difference between the egocentrism of adolescents and that of preoperational children is:
That adolescents, have a well-developed theory of mind.
Marsha says, “There is no way I am going to school today with this bruise on my cheek. Everybody is going to laugh at me.” Marsha is demonstrating:
Imaginary Audience
Juanita is able to think hypothetically about abstract ideas. Piaget would say she has developed:
Formal Operational
Beginning with a logical idea and then using logic to draw specific conclusions describes:
Deductive Reasoning
The type of thought supported by a “feeling” that a belief is right is referred to as:
intuitive thoughts
The “dual-process model” of adolescent thought means that:
one for emotions and one for analytical processing of stimuli
In Klaczynski's studies of adolescents' analytical thinking, those who jumped ahead to what experience had taught them, rather than sticking to the logical task at hand, used:
intuitive thoughts
The best school structure for middle schools and high schools is:
seperate schools
Transition and Translation
Whether adolescents stay in school or drop out is strongly influenced by their:
The common middle-school schedule that involves classroom changes every 40 minutes has the effect of:
Keeping kids interested
An unintended consequence of high-stakes testing is:
less graduates
According to extensive research, the ideal high school size is:
200 - 400
According to Erikson, the goal of adolescence is to:
Identity vs Diffusion
figure out who they are
Seventeen-year-old Andrew failed several classes, lost his job, and spends most of his time sleeping on the couch. When his parents voiced their disapproval, he replied, “Whatever.” Andrew's response indicates identity:
Identity Diffusion
Angel's parents always wanted him to be part of the family business—and Angel never questioned this. At 21, Angel decided to leave the business to become a teacher. Angel is resisting:
The term for a pause in identity formation, when alternatives are explored before final choices are made, is known as:
One of the key assets that help predict positive outcome in adolescents' development is:
Relationship between adults and kids
Miranda and her mother bicker constantly about daily routines, hair, and clothes. This bickering is indicative of:
Eva is about to become a teenage mother. Based on recent research, she and her child will better handle the situation if her parents:
Parents' awareness of where their children are, what they are doing, and with whom they are doing it is referred to as:
Parental Monitoring
Chris typically can be found with his group of close friends on the gym steps at lunchtime. He is socializing in a:
Cliques and crowds provide adolescents with social:
support and control
Identify the general pattern of heterosexual attraction, as described by Dunphy?
Groups of friends
A loose association of girls and boys with public interatctions within a crowd
Small mixed sex groups of the advanced members of the crowd
Formation of couples, with private intimacies
A retrospective study of homosexual men demonstrated that, on average, they first became aware of their sexual interests at age ______ and told people at age ______.
The increased use of contraception and the increase of premarital sex by adolescents indicate that:
Sex education
In general, as children become adolescents, their feelings of competence:
Elyse broke up with her boyfriend after a fight. She has spent the last week repeatedly going over the fight in her mind, which caused her to sink into depression. Her continual reliving the fight is known as:
clinical depression
Parasuicide refers to:
lethal action against the self that does not result in death
Because of cluster suicides, experts recommend:
anti depressants
therapy and medication
In the United States, the ethnic group with the highest adolescent suicide rate is:
American Indian / Alaskan Native
Which of the following is true of life-course-persistent offenders?
deviant friends
few connections to school
being biologically mature but being treated as a child
While some adolescents do not experience depression or delinquency, those who do often:
improve by age 20
The term “organ reserve” refers to:
the capacity of young adults’ organs to allow the body to cope with stress
The maternal age range of peak fertility and peak newborn survival has always been:
Recent research indicates that attitudes about the purpose of sex fall into which of the following three categories?
In the CARDIA study that followed 18- to 30-year-olds into middle age, those who were the least fit:
4 times more likely to have diabetes and high blood pressure
Two factors that tend to maintain good exercise habits beyond emerging adulthood include:
A person's set point is affected by:
Distorted ideas about food and food consumption are especially common among women of ______ descent.
white European
Members of which of the following groups are most likely to suffer from anorexia?
When the absence of a drug creates a craving to satisfy a physiological or psychological need, that is a sign of drug:
Drug addiction
Dylan was well-aware of his family history of alcoholism, and the dangers of binge drinking in particular were covered in his high school. Yet as an emerging adult, he very often drinks heavily. He is exhibiting the logical error known as:
delay discounting
Young men are more likely to die violently than young women because:
drive recklessly
unprotected sex
extreme sports
abuse alcohol
illegal drugs
A large university is attempting to reduce student alcohol and nicotine use. A survey was distributed to all students, and the results were published in the student newspaper. Fewer students than anticipated drank and smoked, much to many students' surprise. The university conducted this research using:
Social Norms Approach
In solving a real-life problem, Ben takes into account his subjective feelings and personal experience. Developmentalists refer to this as:
subjective thought
71. The possibility that one's appearance or behavior will be misused to confirm another person's oversimplified, prejudiced attitude is referred to as:
stereotype threat
Dialectical thinking involves:
The most advanced cognitive process theses or anti thesis = a thesis
According to Gilligan's view of moral development:
Morality of care in women
morality of justice in men
Research using the Defining Issues Test (DIT) has demonstrated that which of the following is associated with moral growth?
moral thinking
Compared to 50 years ago, today's U.S. college population:
1/20 to 1/3
The dropout rate in the first year of college may often be attributed to:
Cognitive maturity
"social know how needed to navigate through college"
A type of identity that is almost impossible to achieve during adolescence is:
Which is one of the four “gateways to attraction” in friendship?
Physical Attraction
Frequent Exposure
Apparent Availability
No unacceptable characteristics
Compared to those of women, friendships between men are:
Share activities + interests
A study of adults in 17 nations found that compared to married couples, cohabitants were:
less happy
less healthy
less satisfied with financial status
Heterogamy refers to marriage between two people of:
different attitudes
local origin
Over the past several decades, wives' incomes and husbands' contribution to housework have ______ and marital satisfaction has ______.
A heightened sense of well-being is common between the ages of 18 to 24. Reasons for this increase in positive emotion include:
close relationship with friends, lovers parents
leaving home
graduating college
securing a good job
Jacoby's mother was schizophrenic so he was sent to live with his grandparents. Now at age 22, he is experiencing severe stress due to his grandfather's death and his own search for employment. He is starting to display some symptoms of schizophrenia. According to developmentalists, Jacoby is exhibiting the:
diathesis-stress model
In Japan, a new type of disorder related to severe anxiety about the social and academic pressures of high school and college has emerged. It is characterized by:
Hikiomori - isolate themselves in their homes for months or years
While problems experienced in the earlier years may influence later development, those with childhood challenges who tended to fare best during emerging adulthood had:
dangerous risks are avoided