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-what is conformity (majority influence)?
-Why do people conform?
-Describes how in a group situation, a person's attitudes change as a result of pressure of others in a group
-People conform because of a "need for acceptance" or a "need to be right"
What is minority influence?
-In a group situation, minority influences the attitudes and/or behaviour of the majority
What is obedience?
-describes orders given by an authority figure, even if distasteful or unfair
-demonstrated by a person who behaves in a way that would be unlikely if they had not been instructed to
ASCH (1951)- comparison of line experiment - (APFC)
-AIM: To look at conformity unambigously and if people will agree.
-PROCEDURES: - Showed participants 2 cards
-Asked which one was longer
-Repeated 17 times
-Person in group was naive (Real), the rest were stooges (confederates)
-Stooges purposely gave a wrong answer
-FINDINGS: -answers obviously incorrect from stooges
-There was a 32% conformity rate
-There were important individual differences
-about 75% conformed at least once
-CONCLUSIONS: -answers were obviously incorrect
-Shows the impact a majority can have on an individual
-asch was interested in the social and personal conditions that help individuals resist group pressure
ASCH - (C)
-CRITICISMS: - :) - task was unambigous; control participants who performed the task hardly ever made mistakes :. conformity can be measured in a objective way
-:( - Participants were stressed; this was reported, especially when stooges gave wrong answers
-:( - LAcsk EV - how likely is it that COLE happens in real life?