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What is cognitive perspective?
cognitive perspective is concerned with the ways in which we mentally represent the world and process information.
Cognitive psychologists study how we learn, remember the past, plan for the future, solve problems, form judgements, make decisions and use language.
What is humanistic-existential perspective?
Humanistic-existential psychologists stress the importance of subjective experience and assert that people are free to make their own choices.
What is sociocultural perspective?
The sociocultural perspective focuses on the roles of ethnicity, gender, culture and socioeconomic status in behavior and mental processes.
Why are samples used to represent the population?
The individuals who participate in scientific study are referred to as samples.They have to accurately represent the population they are intended to reflect.
Random samples are when each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected to participate.
Stratified is when identified subgroups are represented proportionalty in the sample.
What are the ethical issues with researching and practicing with human subjects?
The ethical standards of psychologists are intended to protect subjects in research and clients in practice from harm. Records of human behaviour are kept confidential. Ethics review committees judge the harmfulness of proposed research and help make it less harmful. Human subjects are required to give informed consent prior to participating in research and debriefed afterwards.
Ethical isues whith animals?
Some research can be conducted only with animals. Ethical standards require that animals may only be harmed when there is no other alternatives and the benefits justify the harm.
Who were some of the ancient contributors to psychology?
The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle declared that people are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid harm. Democritus suggested that we may think of behaviour in terms of a body and a mind and raised the question whether there is free will or choice. Plato recorded Socrates advice to "know thyself", primarily by means of introspection.
What is psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
What are the goals of psychology?
It seeks to describe, predict and control behavior and mental processes.
Wha is critical thinking?
It is associated with skeptecism. It is thoroughly analyzing questions , statements and arguments of others.