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Sensorimotor stage (0-2)
the first of four satages, during which the child develops some motor coordination skills and a memory for past events
Reversibility of thought
able to see things one way but when switched not able to see it
ex. 8+4=12 4+8=?
the tendency to see things from only their point of view; unable to understand that the world does not exist soely for their intrests and needs
object permanence
the realization that objects continue to exist when they are out of sight
ability to recognize that objects can be transformed in some way,visually or physically, yet still be the same in number, weight, substance, or volume
Formal Operations stage (11+)
the fourth/final stage, during which the child develops mature abstract thinking, including inductive and deductive reasoning
Preoperational stage (2-7)
the second stage,during which the child begins to represent the world symbolically and has thoughts of magic and fantasy (Santa Claus)
Concrete Operations stage (7-11)
the third stage, during which the child develops the thoughts of time, space, and number