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Refers to the theories of personality that use boys and men as the prototype for humankind, and girls/women as variants on the dominant theme
ITSC is androcentric for using masculine figures as the prototype for children
American Cancer Society recommends that women get an initial mammogram between the ages of 35-40 - Should be repeated every year or two from 40-49 & every year after 50
Bem Sex Role Inventory - Sandra Bem - Measure of individuals gender role identity - Attempts to measure androgyny
Binge-Purge - Episodes of inconspicuous gross overeating that typically lasts for 1-2hours - Food is usually high in calories, soft, sweet - Binge stops when stomach pain, sleep, or purging begins. Generally only slightly underweight or even normal weight -
Jackson: bulimia vs nonbulimia
1)More accepting of cultural standards of attractiveness & thiness & aspire to a thinner ideal
2)Score higher than nonbulimics on measures of need for approval & interpersonal sensitivity
3)Have a more feminine gender-role orientation
Contagion of Stress
Women who live in poverty are likely to experience stressful events occuring to others in their environment as well as the stressors in their own lives. Stressful events occuring to others about whom they care are added to the stressors in their own life
If pain is blamed on self & own failures = Depression
Not an absolute quantity but a matter of degree - One extreme is severe with a biochemical basis and disturbed family functioning - Other end is ordinary adolescent misery
Distal Stimulation
Behaviors such as looking & vocalizing - Infant girls get this kind of attention - Parents want their daughters to be neat & orderly, or feminine in their behaviors - Girls are expected to be verbal, compliant, physcially weak
Double Standard of Mental Health
Broverman - Reported that the mental health practitioners had double standard - Clinicians viewed adult men in more positive characteristics then they did women
3 Kinds of Relationships
Most are distant
Feminist Healthcare
Women reclaimed control over their physical health - Healthcare Movement - (a)Reemergence of the women's liberation movement in this country (b)The consumer Movement
Women more adversely affected then men - Ethnic Minority women are majority of people diagnosed- Reducing Vulnerability:
- Gender equality awareness
- Promotion of HIV technology
- Improved healthcare & education access
- Support services for women with HIV/AIDS
Stages that homosexuals go through
-identity Confusion
-Identity Comparison
-Identity Tolerance
-Identity Acceptance
-Identity Pride
-Identity Synthesis
Kinsey Institute Sex Knowledge Test - Dr. Judith Reinisch
Laura Brown - Alternative model for psych theory based on experiences of gay/lesbians - Refers to the view of lesbian women as "others", not belonging to dominant culture - Don't have clear rules about how to live in heterosexual culture so they have to make their own
Our Bodies, Ourselves
Boston's Women's Health Book Collective - formed to teach women about their physical and mental health -
Reproductive Freedom
Being able to choose whether or when to have children - All women's choices should be respected and supported - Gloria Steinem
Roe vs. Wade
Abortion - US Supreme Court found that a statue that made criminal all abortions except those to save life of mother, violated the constitutional right to privacy - Through the end of the 1st trimester only the pregnant women & her Dr. have the legal right to make decisions about abortion
Has particular power, & many women use sugary food as a way to calm themselves, and medicate away pain and anxiety
Myotonia - Vaginal lubrication enters vaginal walls - Swelling of blood vessels in pelvic area
E.C - Josephine Donavan
"Feminist Theory" - Catostrophic vs. Anastrophic Outcomes
E.C. - Anne Wilson Schaef
Poststructural Deconstructionism - White male system vs. Emerging femal system
- Addictive vs. Living Process system
E.C. - Karen Porter
Anorexia & Bulimia
E.C. - Suzie Orbech
Book-Fat is a Feminie Issue - Anorexia - Overeating