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What is fetishism?
fetishism is characterized by sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving use of non-living objects.
what is the purpose of a fetish and how can we tell if a behavior is fetishism?
Purpose is to produce of enhance sexual arousal.

over a period of at least 6 months, causing significant distress
what is a partialism fetish?
exaggerated arousal by a part of another persons body thats not normally for sexual arousal.
What is a form Fetish?
based upon shape and function of an inanimate object.
Describe tranvestism fetishism
cross dressing for the purpose of sexual excitment
What is travestism and why is it not a fetish?
dressing as a member of the other gender (heterosexual males)

Not a fetish because it is not done for sexual excitement.
What is zoophilia?
sexual contact with animals as the preffered or exclusive means of sexual expression.
What is frotteurism?
Someone who rubs up against unconcenting people in a sexual way.
What is pedophilia?
fantasies about pre-pubescent children
Desribe exhitbitionism
an individual exposes themselves to an unexpecting person
What is voyeurism or scotophilia?
the act observing unsuspecting people who are undresssing, naked, having sex or going to the bathroom
Describe Masochism
person gets off from pain, humiliation, bondage, etc.
What is Sadism?
a person who gets off on inflicting punishment or pain
Describe Necrophilia
having sexual relations with a cadaver.
What is hypersexuality?
Nymphomania. Someone who is compulsive about their sexual desires to an extent that it causes distress
Describe Asphyciophilia
someone who deprives themself of oxygen during and orgasm to increase intensity
What is troilism?
refers to three people having sex together and the primary form of sexual release
what is Saliromania?
desire to damage or soil a partner in their clothing
What is coprophilia
feces are important to sexual satisfaction
What is Urophilia?
Urine is important to sexual satisfaction
Describe what it means to be transgender
a person is born with an anatomical body different from how they feel inside
What is a vaginoplasty?
A gender reassignment surgery that involves changing a penis into a vagina
What is a phalloplasty?
a gender reassignment surgery that involves changing a vagina into a penis.
around how much of the male population cross dresses and why can this statement be false?
estimated around 5% of male population but unsure because many men are still "in the closet" about cross dressing
what is a cross dresser?
someone who dresses in the other genders clothes in order to emulate the oppisite gender
What is Tri-ess?
A support group for heterosexual crossdressers and their families
Tries to integrate crossdressing to an appropriate level within the family
Around what age can adults first observe a rythmic manipulation of genitals in children?
around 2.5 to 3 years old
how can we observe sexual reactions in infant children?
Infant boys- exhibit erections

Infant girls- exhibit vaginal lubrication
What are the 3 different types of attachment?
Secure attachment
Avoidant (untrusting)
Describe what a secure attachment between a child and parent is like
Child is raised in a normal, loving way and develops a healthy relationship with parents where they are neither distanced or too close with them
how does sexuality change in early childhood?
A. increase in sexual interest and activity
B. Children tend to form strange ideas about sex
C. Begins to understand genital differences
D. Enjoys hugging and kissing parents
E. becomes more modest at age 5
F. Increase in interactive plaful sexual activities
What does it mean to be sex positive?
when confronting children about sex it is done so in a way that is conducive to the child learning that sex is a good thing but can be innappropriate at times. Creates a healthy sexual persona in child
What does it mean to be sex negative?
When confronting a child about sex parent acts in a way that makes children ashamed and casts a negative spotlight on sex. can cause an unhealthy sexual persona in children as they get older
What is the preadolescence sex stage and what happens during it?
from 8 to 12 years old

A. Homosocial Organization (boys hang out with boys and girls hang out with girls for the most part)
B. Early first sexual experiences
C. Man lesbian, gay and bisexual youth report first attraction or experience
how many times per week does the average american couple (in the 20's) have sex?
2-3 times a week
what percent of 19-24 year olds have co-habitated intimately with someone?

1/3 last less than a year living together

1 in 10 lasts 5 years
Are marriages proceeded by cohabitation more likely or less likely to end in divorce?
More likely the end in divorce
What is extramarital sex?
Sexual activity between a married person and someone other than ones spouse
What are the types of extramarital sex?
A. Accidental (wasn't premeditated)
B. Romantic Infidelity (a mistress or other relationship)
C. Open marriage (partner is aware of any extramarital affairs)
D. Philanderers (Tiger Woods, Jesse James)
E. Swinging (couples engage in extramarital affairs together)
What is sexual assault?
an umbrella term used ot describe any act of sex where the actor has not obtained consent from the other person.
What is rape?
sexual intrusion or penetration of the vagina, mouth or anus of the victim. The weapon of intrustion may be a penis, tounge, finger or object.
What three things are needed for consent to be clear and unquestionable?
Cooperation in act and attitude

Free will

knowledge of what is happening
Out of every 10 rapes how many are commited by repeat offenders?
9 out of 10 rapes are commited by repeat offenders
what percent of rapes are commited by someone the victim knows?
How much of reported sexual assaults are fake reports?
only 2% of reported sexual assaults are fake
Do most people who are sexual assaulted report the crime?
only 1 in 10 people report being sexually assaulted to the police