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The external female genital organs are called the ___________ .
- vulva
The ____________ produce ova and the hormones estrogen and progesterone .
- ovaries
The testes in the male produce sperm and the male sex hormone ____________ .
- testosterone
Sex hormones promote the ___________ of male and female sex organs in the embryo
- differentiation
The hormone ___________ spurs development of female reproductive capacity and secondary sex characteristics.
- estrogen
The hormone ___________ stimulates growth of the female reproductive organs and maintains pregnancy.
- progesterone
If an ovum is not fertilized, levels of estrogen and progesterone (increase or decrease?) suddenly, triggering menstruation.
- decrease
Sex hormones have ___________ and activating effects
- organizing
Men who are given drugs that (increase or decrease?) __________ the amount of tetosterone in the bloodstream usually show gradual loss of sexual desire and of the capacities for erection and orgasm.
- decrease
The practice of oral sex has become the _________ among adult couples.
- norm
Birth control pills have (excellent or fair?) reliability
- excellent
Sterilization (is or is not?) considered to be a reversible birth control method
- is not
Masters and Johnson divide the sexual response cycle into four phases:
- Excitement
- plateau
- orgasm
- resolution
The excitement phase of the sexual response cycle is generally characterized by _________ and ___________ .
- vascongestion/myotonia
Sexual excitement reaches a peak during the __________ _______ of the sexual response cycle
- orgasmic phase
Only men experience a ___________ _________ during the resolution phase.
- refractory period
Most rapes are committed by (strangers or acquaintances?)
- acquaintances
Many social scientists argue that rape mainly has to do with (sex or power?)
- power
Men who support traditional, rigidly defined gender roles are (more or less?) likely to blame the victimsof rape
- more
Survey evidence indicates that nearly _________ of American women and about a _________ of American men experience sexual dysfunctions at some point in their lives
- half
- third
Women with female sexual _________ disorder have difficulty lubricating.
- arousal
Men with persistent difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection have ______ ___________ disorder
- male erectile
Males who ejaculate too quickly may be diagnosed with ________ __________.
- premature ejaculation
__________ ______________ generally focuses on reducing performance anxiety, changing self-defeating attitudes, teaching sexual skills, enhancing sexual knowledge, and improving communication
- Sex therapy
Puberty begins with the appearance of _____________ ______ ____________, such as the growth of bodily hair, deepening of the voice in males, and rounding of the breasts and hips in females .
- secondary sex characteristics
According to Piaget, the ___________ __________ stage is characterized by hypothetical thinking and deductive logic
- formal operation
Adolescent egocentrism gives rise to the imaginary ____________ and the personal ___________.
- audience/fable
Psychologist G. Stanley Hall described adolescence as a time of sturm und drang, or __________ .
- stress
The leading cause of death among adolescents is _________ ____________ accidents
- motor vehicle
Adolescents tend to see experimentation with cars, drugs, and sex as (more or less?) risky than their parents do
- less
Parents and adolescents tend to (agree or disagree?) on social, political, religious, and economic issues
- agree
Erik Erikson considers the life crisis of adolescence to be ________ identity versus _________ diffusion
- ego / role
The period that bridges adolescence and full adulthood is called _____________ adulthood
- emerging
This period of development exists in (wealthy or poor?) societies
- wealthy
Cessation of menstruation, termed _____________, usually occurs during the late forties or early fifties
- menopause
A dropoff in the hormone _____________ can be accompanied by hot flashes and feelings of anxiety and depression
- estrogen
People tend to retain (verbal skills or performance on tasks that require speed and visual-spatial skills?) into advanced old age.
- verbal skills
_____________ intelligence refers to one's lifetime of intellectual achievement, as shown by vocabulary and general knowledge
- Crystallized
____________ intelligence entails mental flexibility, as shown by the ability to solve new kinds of problems
- Fluid
The term _________ ________ refers to the period of young adulthood in which people begin to establish themselves in their careers and assume more independent roles in society
- trying twenties
Erikson characterized the major identity challenge of young adulthood in terms of ____________ vs. isolation
- intimacy
(High or low?) socioeconomic status is a common stressor that leads to child abuse
- Low
Children who are abused are (more or less?) likely to be aggressive than other children
- more
Most perpetrators of child sexual abuse (have had or have not had) a prior relationship with the child or the child's family
- have had
According to Levinson, the midlife transition may trigger a _______ _______ that is characterized by a sense of entrapment and loss of purpose
- midlife crisis
Sheehy characterized the period of midlife in terms of opportunities for new direction and fulfillment the "age of _____________."
- mastery
The time required to respond to stimuli-called ____________ ________ -- increases as people age
- reaction time
Alzheimer's disease (is or not?) a normal feature of the aging process
- is not
In the United States, (men or women?) tend to live longer
- women
Erikson labeled late adulthood the stage of ______ ____________ _____________
- ego integrity versus despair
Many retired people undergo a ____________ phase during which they do things they had fantasized doing once they had the time
- honeymoon
A (majority or minority?) of people in their seventies report being generally satisfied with their lives
- majority
Kubler-Ross identified five stages of dying: denial, anger, ___________, depression, and final acceptance
- bargaining
Shneidman views the feelings described by Kubler-Ross as (linked or not linked?) in sequence.
- not linked
A ____________ creates a homelike environment in which terminally ill people can face death with physical and emotional supports that provide them with dignity
- hospice
The term ______________ refers to feelings of sadness and loneliness as well as a process of mourning as survivors adjust to the loss of a loved one
- bereavement
Earning a paycheck is an (extrinsic or intrinsic?) motive for working
- extrinsic
The work ____________ holds that we are morally obligated to engage in productive labor
- ethic
Recognition for a job well done contributes to self- ___________
- esteem
Some of us follow the career paths of role ________ such as parents or respected members of the community
- model's
The ___________ stage of career development involves the child's unrealistic conception of self-potential and of the world of work
- fantasy
During the stage of _____________ choice, children narrow their choices and begin to show some realistic self-assessment and knowledge of occupations
- tentative
The stage of career ___________ reflects the fact that today it is the norm, rather than the exception, for people to switch careers more than once
- change
In applying for a job, your ___________ is your summary of your background
- resume
In preparing for the job interview, remember that first _______________ are very important
- impressions
It (is or is not?) good to ask the interviewer questions
- is
Your first task on the job is to learn how to carry out the ___________ tasks
- job
The (majority or minority?) of American workers are at least somewhat satisfied with their jobs
- majority
Increased job satisfaction is linked to (higher or lower?) employed turnover and absenteism
- lower
Job satisfaction correlates (positively or negatively?) with the accuracy of appraisal of worker performance
- positively
The first method described in the text for increasing job satisfaction is improved ___________ and placement
- recruitment
The most effective form of criticism is ___________ criticism
- constructive
A japanese management practice involves the use of _________ circles in which workers meet regularly to discuss problems and suggest solutions relating to their jobs
- quality
Flextime (raises or lowers?) absenteeism
- lowers
_____________ stressors on the job inculde lack of opportunity to participate in decision making
- Organizational
The state of mental and physical exhaustion brought on by excessive demands is called __________
- burnout
Researchers suggests that many male raters of job performance tend to be biased toward giving (male or female?) workers more favorable evaluations
- male
The typical American working woman whose children are in the home experiences ____________ overload
- role
The reasons that women work are mainly (the same as or different from?) the reasons that men work
- the same as
Women account for the (majority or minority?) of secretaries and school teachers
- majority
The gender-related earnings gap is (increasing or decreasing?)
- decreasing
The average woman todays spends (more than or less than?) 25 years in the workforce but expects to spend (more or less?) time there
- more than
- less than
__________ ______________ consists of deliberate or repeated unsolicited verbal comments, gestures, or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are not wanted by the recipient
- Sexual harrassment
One reason that sexual harassment is so stressful is that the __________ tends to fall on the victim
- blame