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A relatively permanent change in behavior that results from experience.
Classical Conditioning
A type of learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus becomes paired (associated) with a stimulus that causes a reflexive behavior and, in time, is sufficient to produce that behavior.
Unconditioned Stimulus
A stimulus that elicits an automatic respsonse, wihtout requiring prior learning.
Unconditioned Response
The reflexive response elicited by a particular stimulus.
Conditioned Stimulus
An orginally neutral stimulus that acquires significance through the "conditioning" of repeated pairings with an unconditioned stimulus (US).
Conditioned Response
A response that depends, or is conditional, on pairings of the conditioned stimulus which an uncondtioned stimulus; once learned, the onditioned response occurs when the conditioned stimulus is presented alone.
the technical name given to the initial learning of the conditioned response.
Avoidance Learning
In classical conditioning, learning that occurs when a CS is paired with an unpleasant US that leads the organism to try to avoid the CS.
Extinction (CC)
The process in which a CR comes to be eliminated through repeated presentations of the CS without the presense of the US.
Extinction (OP)
The fading out of a response following an initial burst of a behavior after the withdrawal of reinforcement.
Spontaneous Recovery (CC)
The recovery by which the CS will again elicit the CR after extinction has occured.
Spontaneous Recovery (OP)
The process by which an old response reappears if there is a break after extinction.