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The frontal lobes: the area of the brain devoted to ___, ___ and ___.
logic, planning, emotional control
The limbic system is part of the brain that regulates ___?
emotional responses
Declines in reaction times are probably linked to slower communication between the ___ and the ___.
cerebral cortex, reticular formation
The inability to conceive after 1 or more years of unprotected intercourse is called?
It is not entirely clear whether the susceptibility to disease with increasing age is due to primary or secondary aging.
This is a fact!
the belief in one's capacity to cause an intended event to occur or to perform a task
___ is one aspect of the internal model of the self and is affected by one's experiences with mastering tasks and overcoming obstacles.
___ or ___ arise in childhood and adolescence as a result of early experiences of effectiveness, success or failure, and frustration.
self-efficiency, optimism
physical acts or other behavior intended to intimidate or harm an intimate partner is called?
intimate partner abuse
Young women between the ages of ___ and ___ are more likely to be abused than those who are older.
16, 24
the use of physical coercion to force a person to engage in a sexual act against his or her will is called?
sexual violence
forced penetration of either a male or a female victim is called?
___% of perpetrators of sexual violence are acquaintances of the victim.
___% of intimate partners are pepetrators of sexual violence.
Rates of sexual violence are similar across nations because there is a prohibition against forced sex in almost all cultures.
This is a fact!
nonconsensual sex that takes place in the context of a date is called?
date rape
Emotional disturbance is higher in early or middle adulthood?
early adulthood
T or F: Mental illnesses tend to run in families, suggesting a genetic factor.
The most common mental disorders are those that are associated with ___ and ___.
fear, anxiety
an irrational fear of an object, a person, a place, or situation is called?
second most common type of mental difficulty?
problems associated with moods
consuming more than 5 drinks on one occasion is called?
binge drinking
As many as ___% of college students engage in binge drinking.
an inflexible pattern of behavior that leads to difficulty in educational, occupational, and social functioning is called?
personality disorder
personality disorders are caused by what two factors?
biological and environmental
Personality disorders do/do not respond to psychotherapy?
do not
false beliefs are called?
false sensory experiences are called?
a serious mental disorder characterized by disturbances of thought such as delusions and hallucinations is called?
knowledge and judgment acquired through education and experience is called?
crystallized intelligence
the aspect of intelligence that reflects fundamental biological processes and does not depend on specific experiences is called?
fluid intelligence
A "letter series test" would be a common measure of ___ intelligence?
Memory tests, measuring response speed, and those measuring higher-level or abstract mathematical skills would be examples of ___ intelligence?
Tasks that are thought to represent the efficiency of the basic physiolgical process would be considered ___ intelligence.
Adults maintain ___ intelligence throughout early and middle adulthood, but ___ intelligence declines fairly steadily over adulthood.
crystallized, fluid
Age differences become more pronounced for measures of short-term/long-term memory?
Memory skills decline more noticeably in early/middle/late adulthood?
any formal educational experience that follows high school is called?
post-secondary education
a student who attends college full-time immediately after graduating from high school is called?
traditional post-secondary student
___% of students are traditional post-secondary students.
Traditional/nontradional students have a very high graduation rate?
a student who either attends a college part-time or delays enrollment after high school graduation is called?
nontraditional post-secondary student
___% of students are nontraditonal post-secondary students
One spurt in brain development occurs between ___ and ___. A second spurt occurs in the mid-to late ___s.
Personality disorders and schizophrenia are usually diagnosed during which period?
early adulthood
Difficulty forming emotional attachments; lack of empathy; little regard for the rights of others; self-centered; willingness to violate the law or social rule to achieve a desired objective is characteristic of what personality disorder?
antisocial disorder
Suspicious of others' behavior and motives; emotionally guarded and highly sensitive to minor violations of personal space or perceived rights is characteristic of what personality disorder?
paranoid disorder
Irrational, attention-seeking behavior; inappropriate emotional responses; sexually seductive behavior and clothing is characteristic of what personality disorder?
exaggerated sense of self-importance; craves attention; exploits others; lack of empathy is characteristic of what disorder?
narcissistic disorder
unstable moods, relationships; fear of abandonment; tendency to self-injury; highly dependent on others; impulsive and reckless behavior is characteristic of what personality disorder?
3 reasons why men die 7 yrs. earlier?
1. no progesterone and estrogen
2. less likely to seek health care
3. risky behavior
What would Erikson call self-efficacy?
___% of women knew their rapist.
___ out of ___ men would rape if they could get away with it.
___% of women knew their rapist.
___% of all women have experienced some form of sexual violence.