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A disease often transmitted secually that gradually the body's immune system
acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
A psychological condition in which a person refuses to eat adequate food and steadily loses weight
anorexia nervosa
A condition in which a person alternates between self-starvation and excessive eating
bulimia nervosa
An internal state of unrest or irritation that energizes one behavior after another until one of them removes the irritation
A hormone present in higher quantities in females than in males
A motivation based on the rewards and punishments that an act may bring
extrinisc motivation
The sex that a person regards him or herself as being
gender identity
A hormone that the pancreas releases to convert stored energy supplies back into blood glucose
The most abundant sugar in the blood
The maintenance of biological conditions at an optimum level within an organism
AKA Theory Y; The view that employees like to take responsibility for their work, to enjoy some variety in their jobs, and to feel a sense of accomplishment
human-relations approach
An external stimulus that prompts an action to obtain the stimulus
A hormone that the pancreas releases to increase the entry of glucose and other nutrients into the cells
People with external sexual anatomy that appears intermediate between male and female
A motivation to engage in an act for its own sake
intrinisc motivation
An area of the brain that ontributes to the control of hunger
lateral hypothalamus
A hormone released by fat cells; among other effects, it signals the brain to decrease meal size
The process that determines the reinforcement value of an outcome
The excessive accumulation of body fat
The tendency of people who are given more extrinsic motivation than necessary to perform a task to experience a decline in their intrinsic motivation
overjustification effect
An area of the brain in which damage leads to weight gain via an increase in the size of meals
paraventricular hypothalamus
AKA Theory X; the view that most employees are lazy, indifferent, and uncreative, so jobs should be made simple and foolproof
scientific-management approach
A level of some variable (e.g. weight) that the body works to maintain
set point
A person's tendency to react sexually toward either males or females
sexual orientation
A hormone present in higher quantities in males than in females
One who tries to make the organization more efficient at doing what it is already doing by providing rewards (mainly pay) for effective work
transactional leader
One who articulate a vision of the future, intellectually stimulates subordinates, and motivates them to use their imagination to raise the organization to a new level
transformational leader
An area of the brain in which damage leads to weight gain via an increase in the frequency of meals
ventromedial hypothalamus