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(1) The biological category of male or female as defined by physical differences in genetic composition and in reproductive anatomy and function.
(2) The behavioral manifestation of the sexual urge; sexual intercourse.
The cultural, social, and psychological meanings that are associated with masculinity or femininity.
The behaviors, attitudes, and personality traits that are designated as either masculine or feminine in a given culture.
gender roles
A person's psychological sense of being male or female.
gender identity
The direction of a person's emotional and erotic attraction toward members to the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes.
sexual orientation
The beliefs and expectations people hold about the typical characteristics, preferences, and behavior of men and women.
gender-role stereotypes
The theory that gender roles are acquired through the basic processes of learning, including reinforcement, punishment, and modeling.
social learning theory of gender-role development
The theory that gender-role development is influenced by the formation of schemas, or mental representations, of masculinity and femininity.
gender schema theory
Condition in which a peron's biological sex is ambiguous, often combining aspects of both male and female anatomy and/or physiology.
Condition in which a peron's psychological gender identity conflicts with his or her biological sex.
A transgendered person who undergoes surgery and hormone treatments to physically transform his or her body into the opposite sex.