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The largest cell in the human body?
sperm is produced in the ____ and is located in the _____.
testes, scrotum
fertilization takes place in the
fallopian tube
this period consist of ____ and lasts about _____ weeks. begins at ______ and ends when the cell drifts to the ____ attaching itself
zygote, 2, fallopian tube, uterus
a hollow fluid filled ball...consist of inner cells called ____ and outer cells called ______
blastocyte, embryonic, trophoblast
between 7th and 9th day after fertilization ______ occurs.
this is formed by the trophoblast
what does the amniotic fluid help do?
keeps temp constant, provides cushion
this is also formed by the trophoblast by the second week
chorion (villi, bv)
permits food and oxygen to reach the organism and waste products to be carried away
delievers blood loaded with nutrients and removes waste
umbilical cord
period lasting from implantation through 8th week of pregnancy, most critical time
9th week to end of pregnancy?
white cheeselike substance protects the skin
white, downy hair called ____
point at which fetus can survive called? during what week?
age of viability, 22-26 wks
enviornmental agent that causes damage during the prenatal period
this time is when serious defects are most likely to occur
embryoic period
what is Rh factor imcompability?
fetus Rh + and mom is Rh - and there blood crosses the placenta, the mom forms antibodies to the foreign Rh protein, if not taken care of it can cause death, mental retardation
toxemia or preeclampsia also known as?
bp increases sharply and causes swelling
the longest stage of childbirth? contractions are very strong and frequent
dilation effacement of the cervix stage 1
much shorter stage, contraction continue, natural urge to squeeze
delievery of baby second stage
placenta is delievered
3rd stage
to assess newborn's physical condition they use ____ normal is ____
Apgar scale 7 or better
anoxia (inadequate O2 supply) causes
cerebral palsy
toes fan, curl at foot is
head turns to find nipple
voluntary reaching
tonic neck
babies need how many hrs of sleep?
16 to 18
____ develops last within the senses