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What are phenotypes?
directly observable characterstics
What are genotypes?
complex blend of genetic info that determines who we are
rodlike structures that store and transmit genetic info
chromosomes are made up of a chemical substance called
a segment of DNA along the length of the chromosome
a feature of DNA that can duplicate itself through a process called
Gametes are sex cells, they are formed through a cell division process called? which halves the number of chromosomes
when sperm and egg come together the cell is called a? and will have how many chromosomes?
zygote, 46
22 of the 23 chromosomes are called? whereas the other set of chromosome is called ?
autosomes, sex chromosomes
How do fraternal or dizygotic twins come about?
results in the release/fertilization of 2 eggs
How do identical twins come about?
zygote that started to duplicate seperates into 2 clusters forming two individuals
each form of a gene is called a?
if the allele of both parents are alike then its? if the allele(gene) are different then its?
Dominant recessive inheritance means?
only one allele(Gene) affects the child which would be the dominant gene, the other has no effect is known as the recessive
PKU affects the body how?
they lack an enzyme to break it down, it builds up in the body becoming toxic and damages the CNS
Huntington disease is caused by a recessive or dominant?
a pattern on inheritance in which both alleles are expressed, resulting in a combined trait, or one that is intermediate between the 2
incomplete dominance
an example of a disorder that is heterozygous and is inherited by 2 recessive genes is?
sickle cell anemia
when a harmful allele is carried on the X chromosome
X-linked inhertiance, usually affects males
alleles are marked in such a way that one member of the pair is activated regardless of its makeup
genetic imprinting
sudden change in a segment of DNA
mutation ex: cancer
many genes influence the characterstics in question such as personality, intelligence
polygenic inheritance
down syndrome is caused by ?
21st pair of chromosomes do not seperate during meosis so they inherit 3 chromosomes instead of 2
klinefelter syndrome is?
turner syndrome is?
extra X chromosomes
missing X chromosomes
what type of ppl ten to marry and have children younger?
semiskilled manual occupations such as machinist, custodians
What type of working class fails to engage in family interaction and parenting causing childrens behavior to worsen in high school and have high levels of anxiety and depression
high SES
measure the extent to which individual differences in complex traits in a specific population are due to genetic factors
heritablility estimates
% of instances in which both twins show a trait when it is present in one twin
tendency of heredity to restrict the development of some characterstics to just one of a few outcomes
ex: walking would be hard to canalize but babbling wouldnt be
passive correlation means?
evocative correlation means?
child has no control over-being a good athlete
evoke responses that are influenced by the child's heridity-active, friendly baby will receive more social stimulation
the tendency to actively choose enviornments that complement our heredity is called?
niche-picking shows why identical twins living far from each other stil had similiar hobbies, food preferences even though they lived 1000 miles away from each other
development resulting from ongoing, bidirectional exchanages between heredity and all levels of the enviornment