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the scientific study of aging is called?
self-help tasks such as bathing, dressing, and using the toilet is called?
activities of daily living
more complex daily living tasks such as doing housework, cooking, and managing money is called
instrumental activities of daily living
physical changes and declines associated with aging?
the view that age-related declines are the result of species-specific genes for aging
programmed senescence
molecules or atoms that possess an unpaired electron?
free radicals
subgroup of radicals that enter into many potentially harmful chemical reactions, resulting in irreparable cellular damage that accumulate with age?
oxygen free radicals
the hypothesis that mental and physical functioning decline drasticallly only in the few years immediately preceding death
terminal drop hypothesis
a neurological disorder involving problems with memory and thinking that affect an individual's emotional, social, and physical functioning
a very severe form of dementia, the cause of which is unknown
Alzheimer's disease
a form of dementia caused by one or more strokes
multiple infarct dementia
chronic depressed mood in older adults; typically does not progress to clinical depression and has been found to be related to life stresses
geriatric dysthymia
a hypothesized cognitive characteristic of older adults that includes accumulated knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to practical problems of living
The majority of elderly adults have difficulty or no difficulty performing ADLs or IADLs?
no difficulty
Who are more likely to suffer from arthritis? Men or women?
___ seems to be important in preventing height loss.
physical activity
FACT: Exercise maintains physical functioning and it also seems to help maintain higher levels of cognitive performance among the elderly.
What are the 4 main changes in the brain during the adult years?
1. a redution in brain weight
2. a loss of gray matter
3. a decline in the density of dendrites
4. a slower synaptic speed
___ itself is the cause of the reduced atrophying of the cerebral cortex rather than some general factor.
With increasing loss of ___, the shortest route may be lost, so ___ decreases and reaction time ___.
dendrites, plasticity, increases
Declines and symptoms of old is due to what?
decrease in dendrites
Auditory problems are more likely to be experienced by men or women?
Tinnitus is what?
persisten ringing in the ears
Presbycusis is what?
hearing loss
___ is associated with an increase in social or psychological problems, including heightened rates of depression. Select a. or b.

a. severe
b. mild or moderate hearing loss
The ability to taste the four basic flavors (salty, bitter, sweet, and sour) does or does not seem to decline over the years of adulthood.
does not seem
The sense of smell does or does not deteriorate in old age.
The loss of sensitivity to odors is far greater among elderly men or women?
Only changes in __ seem to fit the terminal drop pattern.
IQ scores
Tasks that involve word skills decline a lot or very little with age?
very little-they are just done more slowly
___% of adults continue to be sexually active in old age.
Does the physiological capacity to respond to sexual stimulation appear to diminish with age?
___ is the leading cause of institutionalization of the elderly in the U.S.?
Does geriatric dysthymia typically progress to clinical depression?
Geriatric dysthymia has been found to be related to ___.
life stresses
Evidence suggests that true clinical depression is, if anything, less or more common among older adults?
less common
There are more depressed women or men?
Strongest predictor of depression is?
health status
Depression in women may more often be the result of?
accumulation of everyday stresses
___ are more likely to bring on feelings of depression in men.
traumatic events
Is there an association between health and depression among ethnic groups?
Yes-Minorities have poorer health than whites in the U.S.; so on average, most minority groups have higher rates of depression
T or F: African Americans are half as likely as whites to be depressed.
___ are more likely to commit suicide than any other group.
elderly white men
Old old and oldest old show ___ declines on virtually all measures of intellectual skills.
FACT: The young old show little or no average decline in cogntive measures.
Does performance on wisdom tasks decline with age?
Does the speed of accessing wisdom-related knowledge remain constant across adulthood?