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Antianxiety drugs
medications that relieve tension, apprehension, and nervousness
antidepressant drugs
medications that gradually elevate mood and help bring people out of a depression
aversion therapy
a behavior therapy in which an aversive stimulus is paired with a stimulus that elicits an undesirable response
behavior therapy
application of the principles of learning to direct efforts to change clients maladaptive behaviors
biomedical therapy
physiological interventions intended to reduce symptoms associated with psychological disorders
cognitive therapy
insight therapy that emphasizes recognizing and changing negative thougths an dmaladaptive beliefs
transferring the treatment of mental inllness from inpatient institutions to community based facilities that emphasize outpatient care
electroconvulsive therapy
biomedical treatment in which electric shock is used to produce a cortical seizure accompanied by convulsions
apparent causation and developmental history of an illness
free association
pschoanalytic technique inwhich clients sponaneously express their thougths and feelings exactly as they occur with as little censorship as possible
group therapy
simulataneous treatment of several clients in a group
sensory perceptions that occur in the absense of a real external stimulus or gross distortions of perceptual input
legal status indicating that a person cant be held responsible for his actions b/c of mental illness
insight therapies
psychotherapy methods characterized by verbal interactions intended to enhance clients self knowledge and thus promote healthful changes in personality and behavior
involuntary commitment
civil proceeding inwhich people are hospitalized in psychiatric facilities against their will
generalized anxiety disorder
psychological disordewr marked by a chronic high level of anxiety that isnt tied to any specific threat
negative symptoms
schizophrenic symptoms that involve behavioral deficits such as flattened emotions, social withdrawal, apathy, impaired attention, and poverty of speech
treatment of mental disorders with medication