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Age of viability
the age at which a baby can survive in the event of a premature birth
the belief that all things are living
a close, emotional bond of affection between infants and their caregivers
the tendency to focus on just one feature of a problem, neglecting other important aspects
cephalocaudal trend
the head to toe direction of motor development
cognitive development
transitions in younsters patterns of thinking, including reasoning, remembering, and problem solving
a limited ability to share another persons point of view
embryonic stage
the second stage of prenatal development, lasting from two weeks until the end of the second month.
fetal alcohol syndrome
a collection of congenital (inborn) problems associated with excessive alcohol use during pregnancy
fetal stage
the third stage of prenatal development, lasting from two months through birth
culturally constructed distinctions between masculinity and femininity
gender difference
actual disparitites between the sexeds in typical behavior or average ability
gender roles
expectations about what is appropriate behavior for each sex
gender stereotypes
widely held beliefs about males and females abilities, personal traits, and behavior
germinal stage
the first phase of prenatal development, encompassing the first two weeks after conception
a gradual reduction in the strength of a response when a stimulus event is preseneted repetedly
the inability to envision reversing an action
longitudinal study
a research design in which investigators observe one group of subjects repeatedly over a period of time
a structure that allows oxygen and nutrients to pass into the fetus from the mothers bloodstream and bodily wastes to pass out to the mother
prenatal period
the period from conception to birth, usually encompassing nine months of pregnancy
primary sex characteristics
the sexual structres necessary for reproduction
proximodistal trend
the center outward direction of motor development
a one celled organism formed by the union of a sperm and an egg