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what is psychology?
the study of human behavior, thought processes and emotions
How does it help in Health Professions?
1. Appreciation, peoples thoughts and needs vary
2. better understanding of communication process
3. identify factors to help people cope with everyday life and stresses
Who was the 17th C philosopher that helped develop psychology? and what was his theory?
Descartes ; Dualism
What theory was developed in the 20th C
How is Positivism connected to Man?
Human beings are part of Nature and share common functions in a objective scientific way
In 1870 ____ _____ developed a school of thought called ________
sigmund Freud ; PSYCHOANALYSIS
what is Behaviorism? and when was it delveloped
the study of behavior change under controlled conditions ; 1900's
What was Carl rogers responsible of developing
Humanisitic Psychology
What is Phenomenology?
deals with the undrestanding of Personal or subjective experiences
What interprets behavior in its Social context
Social Psychology
What seeks to understand the relationship between psych factors and physiological responses that can affect health and illness
Cognitive Psychology and Psychoneuroimmunology
what are the 5 schools of Psychology?
Cognitive, Behavioral, Psychodynamic, humanisitic and Social
Name 3 different research methods
1. Experimental method
2. Survey Method
3. Obsevation Method
what is sensation?
the gathering of information through the use of our senses
what is perception?
the interpretation of the information gathered by our senses
What is the Looking glass self?
the concept of self which developes through social interaction
Which thoery proposes that we construct our sense of self by making comparisons with important others?
Social Comparison theory
Which theory states that we develop our sense of self through the organization of knowledge called constructs
Personal Construct Theory
What are the 3 purposes of a Narrative?
1. to make sense of life experiences
2. provide sense of continuity over time
3. Justifies actions and existence
what are the 2 advantages of a narrative?
1. can improve ones self worth
2. facilitates sense of coherance
What is self esteem?
Reflects a critical personal evalution of self worth
Which theory reflects the degree of discrepency between the Ideal and actual self?
Personal Costruct Theory
Which theory of self esteem is the result of attachment relationships formed early in life?
Psychodynamic Theory
Which theory of self esteem reflects the extent to which an individual feels the ones actions influence the world
Social Learning Theory
what 2 things determines one's self concept?
1. Body Image
2. Social Role
what are the 3 components of a normal body image?
1. Body reality - physical structure
2. Body Ideal - ones sense of the ideal self
3. Body presentation - the way the body moves in social situations
What is Social Role?
the characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual
What are "props" ?
they help sustain our roles and present the image we want to portray eg. wearing jewellry
What is a stigma?
a visible sign that distinguishes an individual or group
what are the 3 types of Stigmas?
1. Moral-behavior or attributes that violate cultral or social values
2. Tribal-refers to marks or symbols that signal group membership or status
3. Physical-alterations in body or body functions that mark people from the rest
Define Attitude
subjective evalution that predispose people to behave toward others in a positive or negative way
what are the 3 responses of Attitude?
1.Cognitive: beliefs about object or person
2.Affective: positive or negative evaluative feeling
3.Behavioral: actions directed at the object or person
What is also known as Labelling?
Stereo Typing
What is the combination of beliefs towards on individual or group?
What refers to the negative behavior associated with Prejudice?
What is the Attribution theory?
the process by which people understand the relationship between cause and effect and how they make judgements about repsonsibility and blame
What are the 2 types of Locus?
1.Internal- saying you're at fault
2.External- blaming others
What are the 2 components of Stability?
2.unstable- just in the situattion
what are the 2 components of Globality?
1.Global: in all situations
2.Specific: just the one situation
What is known as the pervasive tendancy to balme people for their own problems or mistakes?
Fundamental Attribution Theory
What is a Trait?
are a set of intelligence characteristics that include patterns of thought, adjustment and behavior. Can be inherited