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What is debriefing and when is it an issue?
informing participants of the reasons for the reasearch.
Making sure they leave the study in as similar a state as possible as they entered it (especially important if deception has been used)
What is consent and when is it an issue?
Researchersare obliged to obtain the informed consent of participants. (especcially important when participants are children or those unable to give their own consent)
Examples of issues with consent in psychology
Milgram (1963) - The participants had volunteered to participate in a study about learning not obedience - informed concent was not given
What are the BSP's ethicle priciples about deception?
Participant should never be deliberately misled without extremely strong scientific or medical justification. Even then there should be strict controls and the disinterested aproval of independant advisors.
What must be considered in order to do a study involving decption?
A cost-benefit anylsis of the gains vs. the discomfort of the participant must be considered.
Examples of deception in psychology
Milgram (1963) - The participants were led to believe that they were giving real electric shocks to another in an experiment about learning not obedience.
What does the Data protection act say about confidentiality?
participants and the data they provide should be kept anonymous unless they have given full consent. If clients are dissatisfied after debriefing thaey can demand thir is destroyed.
Examples of confidentiality in psychology
There are many examples in psychology os pseudonyms used to maintain anonymity e.g. Genie, H.M, Anna O ect
What is withdrawal?
Any participant should be informed of their right to withdraw from testing whenever they wish
Examples of studies with issues with withdrawral in psychology
Milgram (1963) - abused the rights of the subject to withdraw. Those wishing to leave were told "you have no other choice, you must go on"
Observational research
hidden observational studies raise the ethical issue of privacy.