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What are Primary Emotions
Universal or Biological base; fear, anger, sadness, joy, surprise, disgust, comtempt
What are secondary emotions?
emotions that develop with cognative maturity. sarcasm, jealousy, embarassment
What are the three major components of Emotions?
Physiological changes in the face, cognitive processes, cultural influences that shape the experiences and expressions of emotions
What brain structure plays a role in emotions?
amygdala, cerebral cortex, prefrontal cortex
What hormones are produced in response to environmental challenges
epinephrine, norepinephrine produce arousal and altertness
Robin Lakoff
womens verbal styles
Korman's Consistency Theory
positive correlation between self esteem and performance
Three types of self esteem
chronic=personal overall feelings about themselves
Situational= feeling about themselves in a particular situation
Socially= feelings based on expectations of others
Pygmalion effect
supervisors confidence in an employee increases self esteem
Employees with a high need for achivement are
not risk takers, want to be noticed
Intrinsic Motivation
proform well because enjoy task, or challenge of completing task
extrinsic motivation
dont particularly enjoy talk but will proform well for a reward and/or to avoid negative consequences
Setting goals
high but reasonable to achive, concrete and specific
GD Latham, Blades
first goal setting study that caught the interest of industrial psycologist
store that sells the most get in the newsletter.