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1. People listening to a message on a topic they consider very important will probably follow the _____route to persuasion.
2. A friend asks you to help carry some supplies to the elementary school. When you get there, the principal talks you into staying to tutor a child that afternoon. At the end of the session the principal talks you into joining a weekly tutoring program. This is an example of the
Foot in the door
Based on the cognitive dissonance theory, who is likely to report enjoying playing basketball more? The pro bball player who's paid a millon dollars for every game or man who plays everyday on his lunch hour
The man who plays on his lunch hour
4. Luella publically agrees with her 7th grade classmate that parents should allow 13 year olds to date. Later that day, she writes in her diary that she actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating until they are at least 15. Luella’s public conformity to her classmates best illustrates:
Normative Social Influence
In one variation of the Milgram experiment, Milgram required the teacher to push the learner’s hand onto a shock plate to receive the shock (instead of pushing a lever) what affect did this have on obedience?
Obedience was reduced to about 1/2 the previous level
Which of the following statement is an example of the actor-observer effect
I'm studying history because I have a test tomorrow; you are studying history because you are a conscientious student
You are enrolled in a debate team. For the first debate, one of your classmates Jane is assigned to be for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Another classmate Jon is assigned to be against amnesty for illegal immigrants. You are then asked to rate how these students really feel about amnesty for illegal immigrants. Based on the ____ you are likely to rate _____ as for amnesty and ____ as against amnesty.
Fundamental attribution error; Jane; Jon
The fundamental attribution error is the tendency to overuse or overemphasize what kind of explanation for other’s behaviors?
Internal factors
Most children believe their school is better than other schools in their town. This best illustrates
Ingroup bias
People tend to perceive the members of an outgroup as ____ each other and the members of an ingroup as ______each other.
Similar to; different from
Twenty Wallonians were arrested for non-violent crimes, whereas 20 Pyreneans were arrested for violent crimes. The tendency to judge that more crimes were committed by Pyraneans than by Wallonians best illustrates the power of
Vivid cases
Which provides evidence for neural influence on aggression?
A) A woman who had an electrode placed in her amygdala became more aggressive
B) High testosterone correlates with aggressive bullying
D. both A & B
In the Albert Bandura study (BoBo doll study) the children who watched an adult pinch and kick the doll were ____aggressive than the children who didn’t watch the video.
Based on the research discussed in class, what type of advice is commonly given by marriage counselors tends to backfire, doing more harm than good?
Openly vent all your angry feelings toward one another
Based on the mere expose effect, which of the following people are most likely to have a relationship
Jen and Suzy who have every class together
Which of the following proverbs is most clearly supported by research on attraction
Birds of a feather flock together
The study discussed in class about arranged marriages and marital satisfaction showed:
A)Couples who married for love were most satisfied than pre arranged couples when they first married
C)Couples whose marriages had been pre arranged were more satisfied than couples who married for love after they had been married for some time
*E Both A & C
The bystander effect refers to the tendency for an observer of an emergency to withold if the
Emergency is being observed by a number of people
Mental health workers label behavior as psychological disordered when they judge it
Atypical, disturbing, harmful, unjustifiable
__are positive symptoms of schizophrenia while ___are negative symptoms
Hallucinations; flat effect
Jabar, 25 year old auto mechanic thinks government is trying to assassinate him. Jabar is likely suffering from what type of schizophrenia
Someone who suffers from catatonic schizophrenia
Has periods of total inactivity and rigidity of body
Which individual is most likely to suffer from schizophrenia?
Hilary whose identical twin is schizophrenic
One prominent theory of schizophrenia states the cause of schizophrenia is an imbalance
In neurotransmitter dopamine
Someone who has generalized anxiety disorder would be most likely to
Constantly playgued by exaggerated worries
Frequent nightmares, insomnia, intrusion of painful memories are symptoms most commonly associated with
Post traumatic stress disorder
In the Albert Bandura study (Bobo doll) the children who watched an adult punch and kick the doll were ___aggressive than the children who didn't watch the video
Based on the research discussed in class, what type of advice is commonly given by marriage counselors tends to backfire, doing more harm than good?
Openly vent all your angry feelings toward one another
Based on the mere expose effect, which of the following people are most likely to have a relationship
Jen and Suzy who have every class together
Which of the following proverbs is most clearly supported by research on attraction
Birds of a feather flock together
Kaylee is so alarmed by spiders and insects that she avoids most outdoor activities and even refuses to enter the basement of her house alone. Kaylee appears to suffer from a
Bill is preoccupied with staying clean. He fears that he is being contaminated by his contact with "germs" Bill showers ten times a day. Bill's fear of contamination is a ___while his showering is a ___
Obsession; compulsion
Suppose you fail a French test. You are more likely to become depressed as a result if you believe that you failed because...
You are not a smart person
Anthony is 32 well above average intelligence quite charming. He has swindled several elderly people out of their life savings and he seems to have little feeling for his victims nor does he fear the consequence of getting caught. His behavior is evidence of;
Anti social personality disorder
Gender differences in the prevalence of depression may be partly due to the fact that when stressful experiences occur, women tend to ___ while men tend to ____
Think; act
Someone who has periods of depression that alternate with periods of mania is said to have __condition
Cognitive therapists try to get their clients to change their
Automatic thoughts; such as I'm a loser
Behavior therapists assume that human behavior is ___and that it can be ___
Learned; unlearned
Mr. Choi's therapist wants to help him become aware of his conflicting cildhood feeling of love and hate for his parents. Therapist's goal best reflects which type of therapy
Systematic desensitization involves
Associating a pleasant relaxed state with anxiety arousing stimuli
A client is angry therapy doesn't seem to be helping and he tells therapist I'm gonna stop coming if things don't get better soon. A therapist using person centered therapy is likely to respond
So you think this isn't helping, tell me more
Studies that evaluate effectiveness of therapy generally find that
Average therapy patient improves more than do about 80% of untreated people
Children have a built in mechanism for learning language called
Language acquisition advice
People in Piaget's stage of moral realism believe
Rules are sacred and unchangeable
People in Piaget's stage of moral relativism would endorse
Reciprocal punishment
George accidently breaks his teacher's coffee mug. Judy throws another mug onto group but it doesn't break. An individual in Piaget's moral realism stage would say
George naughtier than Judy
One states it's ok for a penniless man to steal, then he/she is at
A. Kohlberg's level 1
B. Level 2
C. Level 3
*D. Could be any
Wanda sayings I think law is wrong because no law should be more important than saving a life. Should steal drugs, if caught, jury will understand. She is reasoning at ____Kohlberg's ____level
Post conventional
Freud believed____play a major role in determining the course and character of personality development
Conflicts between biological needs and society's dictates
What is Freud's sexual development order?
L(atent), A(nal), O(ral), G(enital), P(phalic
__Stage is when children experience incestuous desires for opposite sex parent and hostile rivalry with same sex parent
Group of wealthy business people, angry because of poor business conditions, insist on firing football coach. Example of what defense mechanism?
Mr. Ku hates people of other races, yet sets up free food programs in areas where they live. What defense mechanism?
Reaction formation
Someone who is shy about meeting people are low in
Employer wants to hire someone better than average worker and likely to compete any task. He would be interested in what personality
Which provides evidence for a role of genetics in personality
Parent's level of extroversion more similar than to their biological children than to adopted children