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the weight of our brain is _____
3 pounds
Our brain is made up of 10 trillion cells called ______, which are responsible for __________, _________, and ______________ information.
neurons; recieving; processing; transmitting
neurons gather information to send to the branch fibers called _________, which in turn go through the cell body called the soma. Then, the info is transmitted to the extended fibers called the _________.
dendrites; axons
these extended fibers need to pass through a liquid filled gap called the synapse in order to send chemical messages called __________ to parts of the body.
________________ connects the brain to the nerves and the spinal cord, which is the center for life support.
Brain stem
Cerebellum is responsible for ___________, __________, and ___________.
coordination; posture; equilibrium
the internal working of the body which controls your body temp., blood pressure, sugar levels, and emotions is called the _______ _________.
limbic system
the internal working is made up of the ___________, _________, and the __________.
amydgala; thalmus; hypothalmus
_____________ is the pathway into the limbic system through sensory impulses.
______________ takes basic info from old and new and serves as a regulator of biological needs.
___________ serves as a relay station between incoming and outgoing messages.
The largest part of the brain is called the ____________.
____________ connects the 2 hemispheres of the brain to relay messages from right and left side.
Corpus Callosum
The outer layer of the brain which is the center for conscious thought like perception, sensation and brain activities is called _______.
The newest approach to measuring the structure and functioning of the brain is called ______ ________.
brain imaging