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Temporal lobe
speech, hearing, visual information processing
Communication system of the brain, that uses electrical currents(action potentials) and chemicals(neurotransmitters) to send information
Parietal lobe
sense of touch and body movement
What is behaviorism?
It is the study of overt,observable behavior.
What is a neuron made up of?
1. axon-fiber which carriers information away from the neuron
2. soma-main body of the neuron
3. dendrite-receives incoming information
4. synapse-space between neurons through which neurotransmitters flow
Who is John B. Watson?
He is the founder of behaviorism. He rejected the idea of study thoughts and conscious experiences (believed these to be private thoughts)
Frontal lobe
memory, movement, speech
The brain is made up of what three basic parts?
1. hindbrain-cerebellum, medulla, reticular formation
2. midbraind-regulates and transmits signals to other parts of the brain
3. forebrain-cerebral cortex, thalamus, hypothalamus, corpus callosum and limbic system
Occipital lobe
visual sense
What are the two parts of the peripheral nevous system?
The somatic n.s., which is all voluntary and conscious movements, and the autonomic n.s., which is vital and automatic functions. The autonomic n.s. has two sub nervous systems: the sympathetic, the arousal system which activates emergancy responses(fight or flight) and the parasympathetic which regulates normal body functions(brings the body back after a fight or flight momement)
Association cortex
thinking and sensory processes
The nervous system is made up of what two parts?
The central nervous system, which consist the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nevour system, which is made up of everything else.
The Endocrine System
a series of glands, including the piuitary galnd, which are responsible for the distribution of hormones throughout the body.