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Rank of suicide for adolescents
third leading cause of death
psychological autopsy
psychological profile of an individual who has committed suicide is reconstructed and examined for clues
Two main sources for head injuries in children
bicycle accidents, child abuse
How much change in the brain depends on?
1) severity and location of injury
2) personality pre-existing before (coping mechanisms) and functioning before
Who particularly have closed head injuries?
young male adults; usually damage frontal and temporal lobes
When more likley to have depression with brain injury?
When stroke on posterior of right side and frontal left side
What is memory?
a process
Annual cost from schizophrenia
$100 billion
Annual cost from schizophrenia
$100 billion
Pos and Neg symptom chart
What is difference between delusional disroder and paranoid schizophrenia?
delusional disorder is one specific focus and reality testing is good in all other areas; paranoid schizophrenics have multiple delusions and reality is very distorted
Difference between schizotypal personality disorder and schizophrenia?
Shcizotypal will feel someone is there but schizophrenia will actually believe their hallucination
what does dopamine have to do with?
it is a "switch", movement
Percentage of schizophrenics that commit suicide?
Social services for schizophrenics
recreation, social support, income support, housing
Continuity of care
active coordination of services
housekeeping, job training, nutrition, hygiene, transportation
What is dopamine?
What does dopamine deal with?
limbic system (emotions)
3 systems for dopamine and serotonin and which for schizophrenia?
*mesolimbic system, mesocortical system, nigrostriatal system
defecits and strategies for schizophrenics
differences in therapy racially
negative in African Americans and Hispanic to take medication but more acceptable to get therapy
how long is complicated bereavement?
longer than one year
6 specifiers
Name some consequences of MDD?
substance abuse, early parenting, suicide attempts, social impairments
suicide rates highest in?
who is more likely to commit suicide between dysthmia and MDD?
Permissive hypothesis?
low serotonin = other neuotransmitters aren't regulated --> depression
what is arbitrary inference?
emphasize negative aspects
transfer negative part of one event to all event
suicide is what leading cause of death in united states?
which gender is more likely to commit?
altruistic suicide?
sanctioned by the family
egoistic suicide?
from disintegration of social support
anomic suicide?
follows disruption in life
fatalistic suicide
loss of control of one's destiny
low serotonin =
high impulsivity
percentage of those who commit suicide has disorder or mood disorder
disorder = 90%
mood disorder = 60%
cognitive triad for depression
negative cognitions of self, world, future
difference between MDD single and recurrent
single has one episode, recurrent has at least 2 episodes seperated by at least 2 months
when may not take medications?
What does orbital frontal injury cause?
changes in personality, stability
What does dorsolateral injury cause?
apathy, can't initiate, attention defecits
why called atypical neruoleptic
affets pos. AND neg symptoms; less extrapyramidal side effects
difference between amnesic disorder and dissociative amneisa
dissociative amensia is a psych. mechanism while amnesic disorder is organic
what can l-dopa do in biploar patients
create hypomania
clang associations?
what axis is alzheimers disease?
axis 1
difference of delusions of grandeur in Manic and shizophrenic
manic = think highly of self; schizophrenia = think you are someone else who is higher
is alzheimer's reversible?
are dementia patients aware they are detoriating mentally?
which gender is more likely to have mood disorders?
women but for depression and dysthymia
as many as ___ % of those with alzheimers suffer from depression
difference in sleeping in those with depression
shorter period of time after falling asleep before REM begins
bipolar have greater snesitivity to?
difference in brain waves?
more on right side than left side
what is importnat in life event?
context and meaning
difference in brain waves?
more on right side than left side