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-A person's internally based characteristic way of acting and thinking.
Assessment- Ancient Greeks
-4 bodily humors (bodily fluids)
--Yellow bile
--Black bile
*Your personality was a combination of these different bodily fluids
Ancient Greeks- Hysterical behavior
-They felt that when women were hysterical were hysterical because the uterus had detatched and was wondering through the body causing havoc.
-You could determine personality through the bumps on a person's head.
He was able to organize men by three primary body types. Ectomorph- somebody who is very thin and not nescessarily tall, kind of frail. They are intellectual, fearful, and rather restrained.
Endomorph- somebody who is round. This goes along with the belief that fat people are happy and jolly. Also, they are very social.
Mesomorph- the big shoulders and smaller waist line. They would be characterized as being athletic and adventurous.
Other forms of personality assessment
-Handwriting- graphology
-These are NOT valid measures
What are some measures of assessment that are used today?
-Projective test- inkblot
-Paper and pencil inventories (MMPI)
-Observation (often in therapy)
Multiple Personality Disorder- (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
-Two or more distinct identities within the same person-Usually one personality knows about the others, but the core personality does not know about the others
-The personalities take over one at a time
-They are not caused by alcohol or drugs
*Often one of the personalities is a child