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Robert Zajonc
social facilitation
presence of others helps easy tasks but hinders complex tasks
Donald Hebb
a medium amount of arousal is best for performance.
Yerkes-Dodson Effect is inverted U curve of arousal vs. performance.
Albert Bandura
BoBo doll
children who watched adults abuse a blow up doll later did the same.
M. E. Olds
electrical stim of pleasure centers in brain used as positive reinforcement
Clark Hull
Performance = Drive X Habit
ppl will do what worked in the past

Clark Hull. Hull hull hull.
repeat what works to get what you want
E. L. Thorndike
Law of Effect
People do what rewards them
Kurt Lewin
Theory of Association
group things together because they occur together
Ivan Pavlov
Classical conditioning
Dogs salivate the sound of footsteps
B. F. Skinner
operant conditioning
combined Thrndike's and Watson's ideas
Henry Murray
David McClelland
Ppl motivated by need for achievement
Neil Miller
Approach-avoidance conflict
goal has both pros and cons.
John B. Watson
started behaviorism
everything is stimulus response. Only observable elements are important.

Elementary, my dear Watson. Just observe the behaviors.
Victor Vroom
applied expectancy-value theory to ppl in large corporations. Ppl low on totem pole don't expect to win incentives so aren't motivated by them.

I'll practice car racing if I think I can win a race. Vroom!
John Garcia
animals more able to make some associations. Food and nausea are easily connected. Light and nausea are not.

Is the music or the weed more likely to make me sick? (hey, it's just a mneumonic)
Edward Tolman
Performance = Expectation X Value
Expectancy-Value Theory
ppl motivated by goals they're likely to meet.

also demonsrated animals foming cognitive maps of mazes - concept learning

I enjoy making Tollhouse cookies cuz they're likely to come out right and I've learned the pattern for making them. Tolman - Tollhouse
Morton Deutsch
prisoner's dilema and trucking company game. Struggle between cooperation and competition
Kurt Lewin
Founder of social psychology
field theory = total of influences on human behavior. Life space
Fritz Heider
Attribution theory - how ppl infer the cuases of others' behavior
Balance thery - how ppl make feelings/actions consistent
Lee Ross
ppl told a believed statement is false ill still believe it if they've explained it to themselves
Richard Nisbet
We lack awareness for why we do what we do
M. J. Lerner
just world bias.
good things happen to good ppl.
bad things happen to bad ppl.
blame the victim
Ellen Langer
illusion of control
Leon Festinger
cognitive dissonance theory
ppl match beliefs to their actions
Daryl Bem
Self-perception theory
alternate take on cog dissonance. Ppl base beliefs on their actions when they're unsure of their beliefs
Norman Triplett
cyclists perform better when paced by others.
First social psychology type experiment