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REFUSAL to recognize/acknowledge threatening situation.
Ex: Ben is an alcoholic who denies being an alcoholic.
***"pushing" threatening or conflicting events or situations out of memory; BLOCKING OUT anxieties, guilt, etc.
Ex: Elise, who was sexually abused as a child, cannot remember the abuse at all.
making up EXCUSES for unacceptable behavior.
Ex: "If I don't have breakfast, I can have that piece of cake later on without hurting my diet."
placing one's own unacceptable thoughts ONTO OTHERS, as if the thoughts belonged to them an not to oneself.
Ex: Keisha is attracted to her sister's husband but denies this and believes the husband is attracted to her.
Reaction Formation
forming an emotional reaction or attitude that is the OPPOSITE of one's threatening or unacceptable actual thoughts.
Ex: Matt is unconsciously attracted to Ben but outwardly voices an extreme hatred of homosexuals.
expressing feelings that would be threatening if directed at the real target onto a LESS THREATENING substitute.
Ex: Sandra gets reprimanded by her boss and goes home to angrily pick a fight with her husband.
falling back on CHILDLIKE patterns as a way of coping with stressful situations.
Ex: Eight-year-old Jeff starts sleeping with his blankie again after his parents get a divorce.
trying to become like SOMEONE ELSE to deal with one's anxiety.
Ex: Marie really admires Suzy, the most popular girl in school, and tries to copy her behavior and dress.
Compensation (i.e. Substitution)
when a person tries to MAKE UP FOR areas in which a LACK is perceived by becoming superior in another area.
Ex: Reggie is not good at athletics, so he puts all his energies into becoming and academic scholar.
+++ turning socially unacceptable urges into socially acceptable behavior.
Ex: Alain, who is very aggressive, becomes a professional hockey player.
using big words in an emotionally stressed situation to help keep emotions at bay
Ex:"doctor code" lingo helps medical professionals deal compassionately, professionally, and quickly with medical problems
"escaping" to an imagined inner world where the anxiety doesn't exist
Ex: Rachel has a big, stressful test next class, so she's imaging herself lounging, carefree, on a tropical island!
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