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When administering a measure of cognitive ability, testing the limits is done:
a. parior to administering the test
b. prior to administering each subtest
c. after administering the entire test using standardized procedures
d. whenever it seems appropriate to do so
c. after administering the entire test using standardized procedures
The correlation between the IQ test scores of biological siblings reared together is about
a. .80
b. .50
c. .25
d. .10
b. .50
For the WISC, score on the Coding and Symbol Search subtests are used to assess:
a. freedom from distractibility
b. processing speed
c. perceptual organization
d. short-term memory
b. processing speed
Of the following Wechsler performance subtests, which can be expected to show the greatest decrements due to the effects of increasing age:
a. picture Arrangement and Digit Symbol
b. Similarities and Block Design
c. Object Assembly and Picture Completion
d. Digit Span and Digit Symbol
a. picture arrangement and digit symbol - decrement in psychomotor speed
Infant tests administered to children less than 18 months of age are
a. most valid for predicting the future iq of intants who score in the mid-range
b. most valid for predicting the future iq of intants who score in the superior range
c. most valid for predicting the future iq of infants who score in the low range
d. moderately valid for predicting the future iq of infants scoring throughout the range of scores
c. most valid for predicting the future iq of infants who score in the low range - developmentally-delayed range - correlation coefficients are moderate to high
When using the Halstead-Reitan to assess brain injury, an Impairment Index is calculated by:
a. adding the scores on all of the subtests and dividing the total by the number of subtests
b. adding the number of subtests on which the examinee scored below the criterion and dividing the total by the number of subtests
c. adding the scores on all of the subtests to obtain a total score
d. converting raw score to standard scores and determining the mean standard score
b. adding the number of subtests on which the examinee scored below the criterion and dividing the total by the number of subtests - method used to calculate the Impairment Index - the closer the Impairment Index to 1.0, the more likely that she has brain injury
When scoring the Rorschach, form quality refers to the degree to which:
a. the examinee's response conforms to the actual shape of the inkblot
b. the examinee's response incorporates all parts of the inkblot
d. the examinee's resposne integrates positive and negative spaces
d. the determinants are fully integrated
a. the examinee's response conforms to the actual shape of the inkblot
Holland's occupational themes are based on the assumption that:
a. interests are acquired early in life as the result of reinforcing experiences
b. job behavior is related to the congruence between personality and the characteristics of the environment
c. basic aptitude is the most important determinant of job performance and satisfaction
d. interests develop in a predictable way over the lifspan
b. job behavior is related to the congruence between personality and the characteristics of the environment - performance and satisfaction are maximized when personality and the environment are compatible
Predictions are classified as either acturarial or clinical. The former are based on _____ relationships between test results and target criteria, while the latter are based on ______.
empirically-validated; clinical judgment
Overall, the research has found that actuarial predictions are _____ clinical predictions.
as good as or better than
In computer ______, the computer tailors the test to an individual examinee.
adaptive testing
The primary advantages of this form of test administration are its precision and ______.
Computer-based test interpretations can be based on either acturarial data or _____.
clinical judgment
Older adults must be viewed as ____ individuals and assessments of members of this pop should be _____.
unique; comprehensive and interdisciplinary
Experts point out teh importance of considering teh impace of _____ when assessing elderly clients.
A critical part of an evaluation of an older person with psychiatric probs is a _____ assessment, which targets the person's ability to look after his own needs.
To establish rapport and maintain the cooperation of children during an interview, the interviewer can made use of _____ statements and reflection and should rely prpimarily on _____ questions (except for those starting with "why").
descriptive; open-ended
A topic of controversy in the assessment of child sexual abuse is the use of ______ dolls.
A possible acceptable use of the dolls is to help the child demonstrate her experience, which is particularly usefl when the child's _____ are limited or when the child is too embarrassed to describe what happened.
verbal skills
To enhance cultural sensitivity in multicultural assessment, examiners should be aware of the cultural _____ of current assessment procedures and techniques and should use alternative procedures whenever possible.
Examiners should also be aware of _____ behavior within different racial and ethnic groups. Research on the effects of a white examiner on the test performance of AA can best be summarized as demonstrating____
normative; no consistent effect/inconsistent results
To determine the reliability and validity of a commercially-available test that she wants to use to assess the intelligence of a 5yo, a psychologist would consult which of the following:
a. Tests in Prints
b. Mental Measurements Yearbook
c. Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
b. Mental Measurements Yearbook
Objective tests:
a. have standardized administration procedures and norms
b. have well-defined scoring procedures
c. meet objectively-defined standards
b. have well-defined scoring procedures
In the context of behavioral assessment, a functional analysis is conducted in order to identify:
a. controlling variables
b. source traits
c. confounding factors
a. controlling variables
Computer adaptive testing is useful for:
a. identifying the factors underlying a given trait
b. relating an examinee's performance to expected performanc eon an external criterion
c. assuring the same precision of measurement at all ability levels
c. assuring the same precision of measurement at all ability levels
Test _____ refers to the uniformity of procedures used in the administration and scoring of a test.
When using a(n) ____ test, scoring may be affected by the scorer's skills, biases, etc.
True/False: The research indicates that clinical predictions are nearly always more accurate than actuarial predictions
True/False I interviewing children, open-ended questions are generally preferred to closed questions.
True/False As part of a geriatric assessment, a functional assessment is conducted to determine the individual's ability to care for her own needs.
True/False The research has consistently shown that while examiners have a negative impact on the test performance of AA children.
Research investigating the stability of intelligence over the lifespan has produced contradictory results, at least in part because of the diff research medhodologies used. Early age-related declines are most likely to be found when a _____ design is used becasue this design is susceptible to _____ effects.
cross-sectional; cohort/intergenerational
Some cognitive abilities are more vulnerable to age-related declines than others. ____ intelligence is more likely to show some decline with increasing age, while _____ intelligence remains relatively stable.
fluid; drystallized
In addition, older adults are more likely than younger ones to exhibit poor performance on tasks that are affected by ______ of responding.
Some experts have proposed that older adults exhibit a qualitatively different form of thought and have proposed a Piagetian-like stage of ____ reasoning.
Recent meta-analyses suggest that differences between males and females in terms of _____ skills is decreasing and that the superiority of adolescent and adult males on quantitative tasks is limtied primarily to those involving -____ skills.
verba; mathematical reasoning and problem-solving
Males outperform females on _____ tasks, especially those assessing mental rotation.
To help resolve the nature-nruture controversy regarding group differences in intelligence test performance, some authors have proposed an inherited _____ that can be positively or negatively affected by ______ factors.
range of reaction; environmental
Studies investigating the use of IQ scores as predictors have found that the correlation between IQ andachievment test scores ranges from about ______.
.50s to .80s
Terman's longitudinal study of ____ children showed that they not only experienced greater academic and occupational success but also higher levels of mental and physical health.
True/False Crystallized iq increases or remains stable over the lifespan, while fluid iq tends to decline.
True/False Cross-sectional studies are more likely than longitudinal ones to find age-related decrements in scores on cognitive tests beg in adolescence or ealy adulthood.
True/jFalse Older adults are more likely than younger adults to underestimate their memory loss.
True/jFalse The general rise in iq test scores in the last 50 years had been accompanied by corresponding increases in SAT scores.
With regard to teh correlation between IQ test scores, which of the following is incorrectly matched:
a. identical twins reared together: r = .55
b. biological siblings reared apart: r = .24
c. adoptive parent adn child: r = .18
a. identical twins reared together: r = .55
Cohort effects are associated with:
a. cross-validation
b. aging
c. cross-sectional studies
c. cross-sectional studies
In terms of gender differences, males outperform females on:
a. measures of general mental ability
b. computational tasks
c. visuospatial tasks
c. visuospatial tasks
Some authorities have proposed a qualitatively different stage of cognitive thought, a stage of _____ reasoning, that emerges in mid- to late-adulthood.
In terms of memory loss, older adults are most likely to exhibit deficits in _____ memory.
The Stanford-Binet Fourth Ediction reflects a ____ model of intelligence that involves three levels:
_______, three cognitive abilities, and four cognitive factors.
general intelligence
Administration of the Fourth Edition is ______, which means that an examinee is administered only those items appropriate for her developmental level.
The entry level for each subtest is determined by considering the examinee's score on the _____ subtest in conjunction with her chronological age.
Composite and area SASs have a mean of ______ and standard deviation of _____.
100; 16
The WAIS is appropriate for people aged _____ and provides a Full-Scale IQ score as well as Verbal and Performance IQ scores.
16 through 74
Two of the verbal subtests are often used to assess premorbid functioning - _____ and ______ (which is considered the msot accurate and stable measure of general mental ability).
information; vocabulary
The _____ subtest is a measure of insight and common sense,
while _____, a performance subtest, is a measure of nonverbal iq and is considered to be culture-fair.
Block Design
The WAIS Full-Scale, Verbal, and Performance IQ scores have a mean of ____ and a standard deviation of ____.
100; 15
while each subtest has a mean of _____ and standard deviation of _____.
10; 3
A discrepancy of ____ or more points between Verbal and Performance IQs is considered clinically significant.
The use of ______, a type of pattern analysis, is based on the premise that inter-test variability is greatest for people with pathology.
scatter analysis
A potential problem with this method of interpretation is that it results in too many _____.
false positives
Two downward extensions of the WAIS are available: The WISC is appropriate for individuals aged ______ and not only provides Full Scale, Verbal, and Performance IQ scores but also scores on four factors - verbal comprehension, perceptual organization, freedom from distractibility, and ______.
6 - 16, 11 months; processing speed
The WPPSI is for children aged
3 - 7yrs, 3 mos
The K-ABC is a measure of iq and ______ and assesses both _____ intelligence.
achievment; fluid and chrystallized
Items included in the K-ABC are predominantly _____ and were designed to reduce the effects of verbal processing and culture and gender biases.
SOMPA is a comprehensive assessment tool that incorporates a variety of tests and other measures to derive an ______ score that can be used to estimate the extent to which a child might benefit from programs designed for children with similar ackgrounds.
Estimated Learning Potential (ELP)
Traditional infant tests tend to have low predictive _____.
especially when administered prior to age ___.
This is due in part to the fact that traditional infant tests focus on the measurement of )))))) skills.
More recently-developed infant tests, which assess ______ and recognition memory, appear to be better predictors of future IQ test scores.
The DDST is a screening device for ______ and is appropriate for children from birth to 6.4 years.
developmental delays
A dx of mental retardation cannot be based on IQ test performance alone but also requires deficits in _______.
adaptive functioning
PL 94-142 and its amendments apply to the assessment of disabled children. Among other things, they require that students with disabilities be provided with education in the _____ environment,
least restrictive
than an ______ (IEP) be developed for each disabled student enrolleed in a public school,
Individualized Education Plan
and that a child not be labeled learning disabled unless there is a substantial discrepancy between her intellectual ability and _______.
academic achievement
The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale assesses the ability of the individual to look after her own practical needs and focuses on ______ performance.
The Adaptive Behavior Scale assesses adaptive behavior as well as behaviors related to ______.
emotional adjustment
The 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the ____ of 1990 require that testing of a person with a disability is done so that test performance accurately reflects what teh test purports to measure rather than the person's disability.
Americans with Disabilities Act
The Columbia Mental Maturity Scale was designed as a measure of general reasoning ability for children with ______, but it is also useful for children with brain damage, mental retardation, speech or hearing impairments, or limited English proficiency.
cerebral palsy
The PPVT-R provides a ______ estimate of iq and was designed for people with orthopedic disaiblities.
Most culture-fair tests attempt to reduce cultural content and use a _____ format to overcome cultural loading associated with language.
The Leiter International Performance Scale doesn't require verbal instructions or responses and is used not only for cross-cultural testing but also to assess individuals with _____ impairments.
hearing or language
Raven's Progressive Matrices is useful for hearing-impaired and non-English speaking examinees because its instructions can be>>>>
Group intelligence tests are used in schoo, industry, and other setting where it is necessary to test a large number of examinees. The ______ and the Kuhlman-Anderson are designed for grades _____.
Henmon-Nelson; k through 12
An advantage of the Kuhlman-Anderson Test is that it is generally less dependent on ______ than other intelligence tests.
______ is a 12 minute test of mental ability that has been widely used in industry.
The Bayley Scales and similar tests are most useful for:
a. screening for developmental delays
b. predicting future academic achievement
c. assessing innate learning potential
a. screening for developmental delays
A deviation IQ score:
a. is easy to interpret in terms of an external criterion
b. is easy to interpret in terms of the performance of individuals in a norm group
c. is difficult to use because comparisonos cannot be made across different age groups
b. is easy to interpret in terms of the performance of individuals in a norm group
A psychologist is most likely to administer the Vineland in order to:
a. determine if a child has a learning disability
b. assess an infant for developmental delays
c. evaluate a child for mental retardation
c. eval a child for mental retardation
To determine the level at which to begin testing on the Stanford-Binet Fourth Edition, you consider the examinee's:
a. mental age on the designated "entry subtest
b. chronological age
c. chronological age and Vocabulary subtest performance
ch. chronological age and Vocabulary subtest performance
The use of scatter analysis as a method for interpreting WAIS subtest scores is likely to result in:
a. too many false negatives
b. too many false positives
c. too few true positives
b. too many false positives
A higher Verbal IQ than Performance IQ on the WAIS is least suggestive of:
a. juvenile delinquency
b. diffuse brain damage
c. depression
a. juvenile delinquency
A subtest scatter of three points or more on the WISC is
a. indicative of a learning disaiblity
b. suggests a language prob
c. may indicate certain strengths adn weaknesses
c. may indicate certain strengths and weaknesses
Use of the Performance scale of the Wechsler tests along to assess general mental ability is contraindicated for:
a. children from culturally-diverse groups
b. language-impaired children
c. children of professional parents
c. children of professional parents
The 1976 decision in Larry P v. Riles:
a. prohibited the use of IQ tests in public schools
b. prohibited the use of iq tests to determine if AA children should be placed in EMR classes
c. prohibited the use of IQ tests with children from culturally-diverse groups
b. prohibited the use of iq tests to determine if AA children should be placed in EMR classes
Vocabulary subtest is most resistant to _______ and _____.
mental deterioration and aging
Picture Arrangement assesses ______.
social iq
Block Design is a ______ measure of intelligence.
Vocabulary is the most ______ of ______ intelligence.
stable; general
Information is used to estimate _______.
premorbid functioning (Vocabulary too)
Comprehension assesses ____ and ______.
practical judgment; common sense
Block Design is used to distinguish between _______ and _______.
schizophrenia and brain damage
True/False Research on culture-fair tests suggests that they may be as culturally-loaded as traditional measures of intelligence.
True/False Because of its emphasis on verbal content, the K-ABC is not considered useful for children with limited English proficiency.
True/False. The Wonderlic Test is used in grades K through 9 as a group intelligence test.
True/False: IDEA extends PL 94-142 (the Educational for All Handicapped children Act) to toddlers and infants.
True/False Raven's Progressive Matrices was designed as a test for people with orthopedic disabilities.
Traditionally, aptitude tests have been described as measures of _____, while achievement test are considered measures of ____.
innate capacity for learning; knowledge acquired in a controlled setting
Because aptitude and achievement test often overlap, some experts recommend that both types of tests be called ______ tests.
Curriculum Based Measurement is used to assess ______ presented in the current curriculum in order to facilitate decisions related to _____.
basic academic skills; instructional effectiveness
The SAT was designed as a measure of _____ abilities.
The scores are combined with ______
high school GPA
Multiple aptitude tests often lack adequate ______ validity.
The _____ was designed for students in grades 7 through 12 to assist in edicational and career counseling, while the GATB is used with ______ and adults for vocational counseling and job placement
DAT (Differential Aptitude Test); (General Aptitude TEst Battery) GATB -high school seniors
Measures of specific aptitudes are usually better at predicting ______ performance than on-the-job success.
training program
Psychomotor tests tend to have low validity due to their low reliability and high _____.
True/False The SAT is best considered a measure of "developed abilities."
True/False Factor analyses of psychomotor ability tests indicate that, like intelligence, there is an underlying "general factor."
Curriculum-based measurement reflects which of the following:
a. a teach-test-teach model
b. tailored testing
c. the principle of overlearning
a. a teach-test-teach model
The SAT appears to be least accurate as a predictor for:
a. individuals scoring in the mid-range
b. individuals scoring at the high or low end
c. individuals scoring in the lower one-third
a. individuals scoring in the mid-range
Measures of specific aptitudes are most valid for predicting:
a. on the job performance
b. job tenure
c. training program performance
c. training program performance
Traditionally, _____ tests have been considered measures of past learning, while _____ tests have been thought of as measures of innate capacity for learning.
achievment; aptitude
A criticism of the DAT and other multiple aptitude test batteries is that they lack adequate _____ validity; i.e., tests included in the batteries correlate with more than one criterion category.
Structured personality tests present examinees with _____ stimuli and are usually developed on the basis of one of four strategies.
One of thesse strategies, _____, involves including items that distinguish between different criterion groups.
empirical criterion keying
The original MMPI provided scores on ten clinical scales and four validity scales designed to assess _____.
test-taking attitudes
A high score on the ___ scale indicates an attempt to present oneself in a favorable light;
a high score on the ____ scale suggests deliberate malingering, eccentricity, or response carelessness.
The ____ scale score is used to correct scores on some of the clinical scales.
In contrast to the ten original clinical scales, which were developed on the basis of _____, the new content scales of the MMPI-2 were derived from ________.
empirical criterion keying; rational(content) analysis
On the MMPI-2, a T score of ____ or above is considered clinically significant.
Interpretation of MMPI scores most often involves _____ analysis.
The _____ was based on Murray's personality theory, which distinguishes between 15 different needs.
The _____ is similar to the MMPI but emphasizes positive, normal aspects of personality.
Jenkins Activity Survey was designed to identify the _____ personality.
Type A
The use of projective personality tests is based on teh assumption that ____stimuli can elicit meaningful info about an examinees personality and conflicts.
ambiguous and unstructured
Administration of the Rorschach usually involves two stages: the _____ phase which is followied by the ____ phase.
free association; inquiry
Scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach is quite complex but usually involves considering teh number and ratio of certain types of responses. A number of _____ responses, for example, may suggest brain damage, emotional disturbance, or mental retardation.
The TAT consists of cards containing black and white pictures that contain one or more _____, and the examinee is asked to _____ about each picture.
human figures; make up a story
The validity scales of the MMPI-2 are best described as measures of
a. predictive validity
b. test-taking attitudes
c. diagnostic accuracy
b. test-taking attitudes
The original clinical scales of the MMPI were developed on the basis of:
a. factor analysis
b. content validation
c. criterion keying
c. criterion keying
The ____ is sometimes referred to as the "sane person's MMPI":
a. 16PF
b. CPI
c. TAT
b. CPI
The MMPI-2 is probably most valid for:
a. assessing personality traits
b. assigning psychiatric diagnoses
c. clarifying tx issues
a. assessing personality traits
A high score on the L Scales indicates
attempt to pressent oneself in a favorable light
A high score on the F scale may indicate
respose carelessness
A high score on the K scale suggests
clinical defensiveness
True/False Because of its forced-choice format, the EPPS yields ipsative scores.
True/False On the MMPI-2, a T-score of 45 or above is considered clinically significant.
True/False When administering the Rorschach, the inquiry phase is conducted in order to validate the examiner's hypotheses about the examinee's functioning.
Construction of the 16PF Questionnaire was based on _____ analysis.
_____ scores provide info about the relative strengths of a set of characteristics within an examinee but do not provide information about the absolute strength of those characteristics.
In the field of neuropsychological assessment, a distinction is made between two approaches. The ____ approach reflects a hypothesis testing model, an individualized evaluation, and sensitivity to the _____ aspects of the evaluation.
clinical; qualitative
In contrast, the _____ approach makes use of standard measures and procedures, emphasizes ____ data and focuses primarily on cognitive functioning.
The _____ is used to identify brain damage and produces an ____ index.
Halstead Reitan; Impairment
The Bender-Gestalt is a measure of _____ skills that is also used as a screening device for _____.
visuo-perceptual; brain damage
Currently, DAT is diagnoses in the presence of multiple _____ and the exclusion of other possible etiologies.
cognitive deficits
A confirmation of a definite dx of DAT requires evidence from a _____.
Beck's Depression Inventory includes 21 items that measure various aspects of depression. A score between _____ suggests severe depression.
Of the signs of depression, _____ is considered to be one of the best predictors of suicide risk.
The learning disorders are characterized by a significant discrepancy between intellectual abioity and _____.
academic achievement
The ITPA is used to pinpoint the sources of a learning disability and provides separate measures of input, _____, and output.
A psychologist would most likely use the ITPA for which of the following purposes:
a. assessing personality characteristics
b. localizing brain injury
c. identifying the source of a learning disability
c. identifying the source of a laerning disability
The Halstead-Reitan was developed primarily as a method of:
a. diagnosing psychiatric disorders
b. identifying brain damage
c. assessing adaptive behavior
b. identifying brain damage
Which of the following is considered the bdest predictor of suicide:
a. guilt
b. hopelessness
c. somatic preoccupation
b. hopelessness
True/False In contrast to teh clinical approach to neuropsychological assessment, the psychometric approach emphasizes an individualized eval and a hypothesis testing model.
True/False Bender-Gestalt scores correlate with iq only until about age 10.
True/False Curently, the confirmation fo a definite dx of DAT is based on the results of certain cognitive tests.
Research investigating the validity of interest inventories suggests that they are less valid than iq tests for predicing ____ but are good predictors of job ______.
job success; choice, satisfaction and persistence
The Occupational scale of the Strong Interest Inventory was developed on the basis of ______, which involved comparing the responses of people in different occupational groups to those of ______.
criterion keying; people in general
The GOT scales provide information on 25 Basic Interests that are organized in terms of Holland's _____.
six occupational themes
A T score of ____ on an Occupational scale indicates a similarity of interests with people employed in that occupation.
Development of the KOIS also made use of _____ but involved considering only the responses of people in _____.
criterion keying; different occupations
The Occupational Scale of the KOIS is _____ in terms of occupations than the Strong tests.
Holland's SDS yields scores on six _____ that are conceptualized in terms of a hexagon.
occupational themes
Starting at the upper right of the hexagon and moving clockwise, the six categories are investiative, ______ Social, Enterprising, _____, and Realistic
Artistic; Conventional
Which of the following interest tests utilized a person-in-general group in its development:
c. Strong Interest Inventory
c. Strong Interest Inventory
The Kuder tests yield:
a. ipsative scores
b. standard (T) scores
c. percentile bands
a. ipsative
The strategy known as criterion keying entails:
a. comparing the responses of people in various groups
b. analyzing test content in terms of criteria derived from an empirical theory
c. requiring examinees to report on their own performance
a. comparing the responses of people in various groups
From the perspective of Holland's occupational themes, the Social theme is most dissimilar to:
a. Investigative
b. Enterprising
c. Realistic
True or False. Studies assessing the validity of interest inventories for predicting occupational success have generally supposted Cronbach's assertion that "interest cannot save the incapable."
True/False Interest inventories are generallyb etter at predicting the occupational choice of people in the upper-class than those in the middle-class.
Factor analyses have indicated that psychomotor skills:
a. are highly interdependent
b. depend primarily on strength and speed
c. are highly independent
d. are reflective of "g"
c. are highly independent - in contrast to intelligence tests which have an underlying "g" factor
A T score greater than 100 on the MMPI-s's F scale suggests:
a. an invalid profile
b. an attempt to fake bad
c. an attempt to present oneself in a favorable light
d. brain pathology
a. an invalid profile
Recent research on gender differences in cognitive ability indicates that:
b. males continue to outperform females on quantitative tasks, but primarily those involving prob solving adn mathematical reasoning
Administering the Performance subtests of the WISC alone to assess general mental ability would prob be contraindicated for which of the following:
a. reading-disabled children
b. children with limited English proficiency
c. children living in poverty
d. suburban upper-middle class children
d.Children from middle and upper-middle class backgrounds tend to obtain lower scores on the Performance subtests than on the Verbal subtests. Consequently, Performance IQ would underestimate the intelligence of these children
As part of an assessment of a child believed to be mentally retarded, you would most likely administer the SB-4 and which of the following:
a. Vineland
d. Kaufman K-ABC
a. Vineland
Elderly adults are most likely to exhibit deficits on tasks involving:
a. short-term memory
b. crystallized intelligence
c. speed of responding
d. recognition
c. speed of responding
Dr. Seven is administering the Rorschach to a 23yo hospitalized patient who has recently started exhibiting symptoms of psychosis. During the inquiry phase of test administration, Dr. Seven will:
question the patient about his responses
Studies examining the relationship between heredity and IQ have frequently correlated the IQs of children adn their siblings and/or parents. Such studies suggest that the correlation between biological siblings reared apart is approximately:
a. .10 to .15
b. .25 to .30
c. .40 to .45
d. .55 to .60
b. .24 to .30
Curriculum-based measurement is most useful for:
a. predicting future achievement with regard to a standardizedd curriculum
b. determining if modifications in the instruction are needed
c. making decisions about placement in special education classes
d. determining if a job applicant is likely to benefit from training
b. determining if modifications in the instruction are needed
The primary issue in the case of Larry P. V. Riles was:
a. the use of iq tests as job selection techniques
b. the use of diff cutoff scores for males and females on a placement test
c. the use of iq tests to evaluate AA children for EMR classes
d. the use of a standard achievment tests to dx learning disabilities in minority students.
c. the use of iq tests to eval AA children for EMR classes
Research investigating the predictive validity of interest inventories suggests that they are least accurate for predicting:
a. job performance
b. job choice
c. job turnover
d. job satisfaction
a. job performance
To assess insight and common sense, you would administer which Wechsler subtests:
a. info
b. picture arrangement
c. similarities
d. comprehension
d. comprehension
Holland's Artistic theme is most similar to which of the following:
a. Enterprising
b. realistic
c. conventional
d. investigative
d. investigative
The standard procedure for validating a criterion-keyed test is to:
a. determine whether the correlations are statistically significant
b. demonstrate that it accurately discriminates between target groups
c. conduct a systematic content analysis
d. correlate item scores with total scores on each proposed scale
b. demonstrate that it accurately discriminates between target groups
Confabulation on the Rorschach is most suggest of:
a. brain damage
a. brain damage
Empirical-criterion keying was used to develop all of the following except:
b. Strong tests
SAT scores are best at predicting college GPA for:
a. the highest 25% and lowest 25%
b. the middle 25%
c. the lowest 50%
d. the highest 50%
a. the highest 25% and lowest 25%
The Mental Measurements Yearbook provides:
a. comprehensive test reviews
b. standards for educational psychological testing
c. descriptive information on available tests
d. a listing and brief description of outstanding tests
a. comprehensive test reviews