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What is CAGE Mnemonic
Cut down
Guilty Eye Opener
Sleep, interest, guilt, energy deficit, concentration deficit, appetite disorder, psychomotor retardation or agitation
DIGFAST Bipolar Disorder
Distractibility, Indiscretion (excessive involvement in pleasurable activities, hight potenital painful outcome
Grandiosity, flight of ideas, Activities increase Sleep deficit Talkativess (pressure speech)
Anxous, no control over worry, duration 6 month, irritability concentration impairment, restlessness, energy decrease, sleep impairment tension in muscles.
Mental Status Exam
All Borderline Subjects Are Tough Troubled Characters
Appearance, Behavior, Speech, Affect, Thought process, Thought content, Cognitive Examination
Cognitive Examination Include:
Assess cognition by asking memory questions
- Three item recall after three minutes (also Folstein Mini-Mental Status), see Caring for Older Persons, Name the last three presidents, Name 10 common kitchen objects in 10 sec.
Cognitive Examination (continued)
Demo - simple repetitive motor tasks palm up/palm down
Assessment Tools
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
Folstein Mini Mental Status Exam
Connor's parent and teacher symptoms questionnaire
a. Assesses both parents and teachers observations of the child with ADHD
Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Assesses psychosis
Scale for the Assessment of Negative/and Positive Symptoms
Young Mania Rating Scale
Clock Test
Clock Test - What disorder does it test?
Scoring - 12 must appear (3 pt), There must be 12 numbers (1 pt); Two disting points (1 pt), Time identified 1 point. Score <4 = impairment
Examples of Self Reportsing Assessment:
Beck Depression Inventory
Zung Inventory
Symptom Check List-90
Profile of Mood States
Lab Work Include
General Screening
Drug Levels
Screening Lab related to medication effects
Dexamethasone-Suppression Test (DST)
Lab-General Screeing
General Screening = CBC, Chemistry panel, Thyroid panel, Liver panel, B-12 and Folate
Drug levels:
Drug Levels = therapeutic levels and toxic levels of some prescribed meds/abused substances.
Screening labs r/t medication effects
Screening labs Example:
Lithium:evaluate thyroid indices
Divalproic acid:check hepatic function
Lab Work DST
Historically used to determine clinical depression, but validity issues limit is useflness