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Confounding Variables
something not counted on,like the weather, that can effect an experiments outcome
operational definition
describes what the variables and defines the perimeters set for variables
Research Methods
natural observation
case study
What is Natural observation?
observing behavior without intervening
What is a case study
the investigation of an individual subject/individual
Descriptive statistics are...
statistics that are used to organize and summarize data
Measures of central tendency
mean median mode
the extent to which the scores in a data set tend to vary from each other and from the mean
Standard Deviation
an index of the amount of variability in a set of data
the extent to which two variables are related to each other
Correlation Coeffecient
a numerical index of the degree of a relationship between two variables
Correlation does not
equal causation
Steps in Scientific investigation
Form hypothesis, design study, collect data, analyze and draw conclusions, report findings.
Goals of Scientific Enterprise
Measurement and description, understanding and prediction, application and control
Data collection Techniques
Direct observation, questionnaire, interview, psychological test, physiological recording, examination of archival records.
need for affiliation