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processs by which a person makes up for a percieved deficiency by strongly emphasizing a feature that he or she regaurds as an asset

ex.- a businessman percieves his small physical stature negatively. He triees to overcome this by being aggressive, forceful, and controlling in business dealings- neopolianic complex
avoidance of disagreeable realities by ignoring or refusing to recognize them- the simplest and most primitive of all defense mechanisms (alcohol and drug addiction)

Mrs. P has just been told that her breast biopsy indicates a milignancy. When her husband visits her that evening, she tells him that no one has discussed the lab results with her
shift of emotion from a person or object to another, usually neutral or less dangerous person or object

ex.- a 4 year old boy is angry b/c he has just been punished by his mother. He begins to play war with his toy soldiers and has them fighting with each other

also called kick-the-dog syndrome
the seperation of a group of mental or behavorial processes from the rest of the person's consciouness or identity

a part of your psyche cuts off from the rest of your mind- driving and cant remember where you have been the last 10 minutes

ex.- a man is brought into the emergency rooomby the police and is unable to explain who he is and where he lives or works
process by which a person tries to become like someone he or she admires by taking on thoughts, mannerisms, or tastes of that person- can be positive ort negative- depends on who you identify with

ex.- sally, a 15 year old, has her hair styled like that of her young english teacher, whom she admires
excessive reasoning or logic is used to avoid experiencing disturbing feelings

ex.- a woman avoids dealing with her anxiety on shopping malls by explainging that shopping is a frivilous waste of time and money
intense identification in which a person incorporates qualities or valuesof another person or group into his or her own ego structure. It is one of the earliest mechanisms of the child, important in formation of conscience

ex.- 8 yo Jimmy tells his 3yo sister, "Dont scribble in your book of nursery rhymes. Just look at the pretty pictures". thus expressing his parents values.
splitting off of emotional components of a thought, which may be temporary or long term

ex.- a 2nd year medical student dissects a cadaver for her anatomy course without being disturbed by thoughts of death
attributing one's thoughts or impulese to another person. Through this process one can attribute intolerable wishes, emotional feelings, or motivation to another person

ex.- a young woman who denies she has sexual feelings about a coworker accuses him without basis of trying to seduce her
offering a socially acceptable or apparently logical explanation to justify or make acceptable otherwise unacceptable impulses, feelings, behaviors, and motives "I can eat like this b/c i am starting a diet in monday"

ex.- John fails an examination and complains that the lectures were not well organized or clearly presented
reaction formation
developmnent of conscious attitudes and behavioral patterns that are opposite to what onereally feels or would like to do

ex.- a married woman who feels attracted to one of her husbands friends treats him rudely
retreat to behavior characteristics of an earlier level of development

ex.- 4 yo Nicole, who has been toilet trained for over a year, begins to wet her pants again when her new baby brotheris brought home from the hospital
involuntary exclusion of a painful or conflictual thought, impulse, or memory from awareness, It is the primary ego defense, and other mechanisms tend to reinforce it- they block it out of their consciousness
viewing people and situations as either all good or all bad. Failure to integrate the positive and neagative qualities of one-self- major defining characteristis of borderline personality

ex.- a friend tells you that you are the most wonderful person one day and how much she hates you the next
acceptance of socially approved substitute goal for a drive whose normal channel of expresion is blocked

ex.- ed has an impulsive and physically aggressive nature. he tries pout for the football team and becomes a star tackle- channels his agression into something socially acceptable
a process often listed as a defense mechanism but really a conscious counterpart of repression. It is intentional exclusion of material from consciousness. At times, it may lead to repression- intentional

ex.- a young man at work finds he is thinking so much about his date that night that it is interfering with his work. He decides to put it out of his mind until he leaves the office for the day
act or communication that partially negates a previous one- a primitive defense mechanism- washing hands in Macbeth

ex.- larry makes a passionate declaration of love to SUe on a date. On their next meeting he treats her formally and distant