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Which of the following statements about the self-concept is false?
It is composed of one dominant belief about the self.
Mismatches between one's actual and ought selves result in a lower self-esteem and:
agitation-related feelings
A person reared in a collectivist culture is likely to have a(n) _______ self-view, where a person reared in an individualistic culture is likely to have a(n) _______ self-view.
Interdependent; inpendent
Low self-esteem is associated with:
self-concept confusion
Agression in reponse to self-esteem threats is more likely to occur in people who are:
which of the following is not a basic principle of self-perception?
people who are "congnitive spenders"
Keisha is upset when a textbook is stolen, but she feels better after she hears that a classmate's book back, including her cell phone, was stolen. this is an example of
downward comparsion
which of the following statements about self-efficancy is true?
It can be developed by perserving through failure until one achieves sucess
he self-presentation strategy of ingratiation involves trying to make others:
like you
Which of the following will not help you build higher self-esteem?
comparing yourself with those who are the best in a given area