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Changes in awareness produced by sleep, meditation, hynosis, and drugs.
Altered states of consciousness
What the hormone melatonin does
Effective treatment for relapses of psychiatric disorders induced by jet lag.
Jetlag & its relationship to psychiatric disorders
Travelers whose psychiatric disorders are in remission are at risk of suffering relapses when they cross several time zones.
1) slow, low-voltage EEG, relaxing

2) further slowing & relaxing

3)slow, high-voltage delta waves start

4) more than 50% delta waves
Stages of Sleep
type of sleep characterized by rapid eye movement, paralysis of large muscles, fast and irregular heart and respiration rates, increased brain-wave activity and vivid dreams
REM sleep
Increased amount of REM sleep that occurs after REM deprivation; often associated with unpleasant dreams or nightmares
REM rebound
* awaken early every morning and leap out of bed eager to start the day

*stays up late and sleeps in late
larks vs. owls
stay up late on friday and saturday and sleep in on saturday and sunday, hard to get to sleep sunday night
cause of monday morning blues
effects of sleep deprivation
sleep deprivation impairs a variety of cognitive functions, such as the retrieval of recently learned information from memory
sleep disturbances in which behaviors and physiological states that normally take place only in the waking state occur while a person is sleeping.
memory of sleepwalking
there is no memory of the episode the following day
Narcolepsy, sleep apnea, insomnia
major sleep disorders
helps individuals learn to control their emotions
benefits of meditation
any substance that alters mood, perception, or thought; called a controlled substance if approved for medical use
psychoative drug
physical and psychological symptoms that occur when a regularly used drug is discontinued and that terminate when the drug is taken again
withdrawal symptom
*compulsive pattern of drug use in which the user develops a drug tolerance coupled with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is discontinued

* craving or irresistable urge for a drug's pleasurable effects
physical addiction vs. psychological dependence
most addictive drug
category of drugs that can alter and distort perceptions of time and space, alter mood, produce feelings of unreality, and cause hallucinations