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What is Psychology?
*A set of questions about mental functioning
*A set of theories and procedures for asking and answering questions
*A product of history
What is Dualism?
When the mind and body are separate but interrelated
Who thought of Dualism?
Socrates and Plato
What is Monism?
When the body and soul are not separate
Who is Rene Descartes?
He modified Dualism and studied reflexes
Who came up with Materialism and what is it?
Thomas Hobbes - That the mind is a product of the brain and that the soul is not involved with human behavior
What is Empiricism?
Knowledge and Intellect are acquired.
Sensory Experiences -> Elementary Ideas -> Complex thought and ideas
What is Nativism?
The view that elementary ideas are innate
Who came up with Nature vs Nurture and what is it?
When we decide if our abilities are determined by our genes or our experiences (Charles Darwin)
Who is Edward Titchener?
Wundts student
Professor at Cornell University
Who is William James?
He started Psychology at Harvard in the 1870's
Who is Sigmund Freud?
An Austrian physician who focused on illness.
+Psychoanalytic theory of mental disorders
Who is Alfred Binet
A french intelligence researcher who developed the first intelligence test
Who is Ivan Pavlov?
Russian physiologist who discovered conditioned reflexes
Who is B.F Skinner?
An American psychologist at Harvard who studied learning and the effect of reinforcement
What started Psychology?
Wilhelm Wundt opened the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig
What is introspection?
Looking in to explore the elemental structure of the human mind
What is functionalism?
Focused on how behavioral processes function and enable organisms to adapt, survive and flourish (James)
What are the 2 parts of psychology?
The science of behavior and mental processes
What is the theory of natural selection?
+Physical characteristics evolve from natural selection
+Behavioral patterns influence selection
+Inborn knowledge and behavioral tendences with survival value are passed on
Who came up with the theory of natural selection and what did it do?
Charles Darwin
- It encouraged scientific inquiry
What is reflexology?
All human behaviors occur through reflexes
What is the neuroscience perspective?
How the body and brain enables emotions, memories, and sensory experiences
What is the Evolutionary perspective?
How the natural selection of traits promotes the perpetuation of ones genes
What is the Behavior Genetics perspective?
How much our genes and environment influence our individual differences
What is the Psychodynamic perspective?
How our behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflicts
What is the Behavioral perspective?
How we learn observable responses
What is the Cognitive perspective?
How we encode, process, store and retrieve info
What is the Social - cultural perspective?
How behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures
What is the difference between basic research and applied research
Basic research aims to increase the knowledge base and Applied research aims to solve practical problems
What is clinical psychology?
A branch of psychology that studies, assesses, and treats people with psychological disorders
What is Psychiatry?
A branch of medicine dealing with psychological disorders
What are some areas of specialization of Psychology?
- abnormal behavior/psych. disorders
Health Psychology
- psych. factors in physical health
- guidance for normal life situations
What are some other areas of specialization?
Developmental, School, Educational, Psychobiology, Experimental, Cognitive, IO, Personality