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Percentage of hospitalized psych patients with comorbid substance abuse disorde?
Drug tolerance?
decrease in drug effect with fixed dose
Drug dependence?
adapted drug target that occurs in response to prolonged & excessive drug administration
Drug addiction?
loss of control over compulsive drug use despite negative consequences
Physical dependence?
physical adaptation to substance, withdrawal and tolerance occur
Psychological dependence?
emotional state of craving
Sx of withdrawal?
tremor, HTN, hypotension, agitation, hallucinations, craving, anxiety, tachycardia, bradycardia, insomnia, N/V, seizures, delirium
Variables that increase dependence & addiction
drug: lipid solubility, rapid onset, short half-life

user: polymorphisms, anxiety, insomnia
Risk Fx for developing SA disorder
early use, use of gateway drugs, agressive behavior, family stressors, peer group drug use, genetic
What are gateway drugs?
EtOH, nicotine, marijuana
When does substance abuse develop?
late teens-early 20s
How do reinforcing properties of drug alter NTs?
Increased DA in nucleus accumbens supporting reward and reinforcement
What is effect of increased DA in n.a.?
lays down memories of rapid sense of satisfaction, creating a conditioned response; craving results from DA release
Which drugs have greatest physical and psychological dependence?
CNS depressants
Which drugs have greatest tolerance?
stimulants and opioids
Which drugs have no physical dependence?
On which receptors do opiods work?
dopamine, opioid
On which receptors do cannabanoids work?
dopamine, cannabanoids
On which receptors does ethanol work?
5HT, GABA, NMDA, dopamine, opioid
On which receptors do stimulants work?
dopamine, 5HT, NE
Origins of withdrawal?
removal of dependent drug, CNS hyperarousal due to adaptation to absence of drug
Which drugs are lethal in withdrawal?
BZD, alcohol, barbiturates
EtOH withdrawal effects?
CNS: sleep changes,irritability, seizures, tremor, hallucinations
ANS: tachycardia, HTN, hyperthermia, diaphoresis