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Mental Health
successful performance of mental functions, resulting in the ability to engage in productive activities, enjoy fulfilling relationships and change or cope with adversity
Mental Illness
considered a clinically significant behavioral or psychological syndrome experienced by a person marked by distress, disability or risk of suffering disability or loss of freedom
Mental Disorder
Medical disease that can be identified alomg a mental heatlh continuum
4th Ed Text Revision focuses on research and clinical observation when constructing diagnostic categories for a discrete mental disorder
Psychiatry's Definition of normal
changes over time and reflects changes in cultural norms society's expectations and values professional biases individual differences and the political climate
the quantitative study of the distribution of mental disorders in human populations
Clinical Epidemiology
a broad field that addresses what happens to people with illnesses who are seen by providers of clinical care
Prevalence Rate
the proportion of a population with a mental sidorder at a given time
Biologically based mental Illness
mental disorder caused by neurotransmitter dysfunction abnormal brain structure inherited genetic factors or other biological causes
painful symptom
impairment with one or more important areas of functioning
runing amok
usually a male runs around engaging in furious almost indiscriminate violent behavior
uncontrollable desire to tear off your clothes and expose yourself in severe winter weather
conscious mind
contains all of the material that a person is aware of at any one time
just below the surface of awareness
all repressed memories passions and unacceptable urges lying deep below the surface
the source of all drives, instincts,reflexes,needs genetic inheritance and capacity to respond,as well as, all the wishes that motivate us.
develops because the needs wishes and demands of the id can not be satisfactorily met through primary processes and reflex action emerges in 4th or 5th month of life. problem solver and reality tester
Super ego
the moral component of personality
defense mechanisms
wards off anxiety by preventing conscious awareness of threatining feelings
Security Operations
used to defend oneself against anxiety and ensure self esteem makeup the self system
pairing behavior with a condition that reinforces or diminishes the behaviors occurence
Operant Conditioning
the manipulation of selected reinforcers to elicit and strenghten desired behavioral responses.
refers to the consequence of behavior and is defined as anything that increases the occurence of a behavior
Positive Reinforcement
increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated
developed when the client experiences feelings toward the nurse or therapist that were originally held toeard significant others in his or her life
the health care workers unconscious and personal response to the client
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
oriented more to the here and now less attempt is made to reconstruct the developmental origins of conflicts
Short term dynamic psychotherapy
the duration of therapy is ten sessions or fewer
Interpersonal psychotherapy
psychotherapy that focuses on reasurrance clarification of feeling states improvement of interpersonal communication and improvement of interpersonal skills rather than on personality reconstruction
cognitive therapy
active directive time-limited structured approach used to treat a variety of psychiatric disorders
behavioral therapy
based on the assumption that changes in maladaptive behavior can occur without insight into the underlying cause.
therapist provides a role model for specific clietn behaviors and the client learns through imitation
Systematic Desensitization
behvior modification therapy that develops behavioral tasks customized to the clients specific fears presented while client is using relazation techniques
Aversion therapy
akin to punishment used to treat sexual deviation, shoplifting, hallucinations, violent and aggressive behavior and self mutilation
milieu therapy
use of the total environment to treat disturbed children
phenomena of concern
scope of psychiatric mental health nursing
psychiatric nursing
the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential mental health problems
health care provided from a distance telephone consultation and triage