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what is abnormal behavior?
deviance fromsocial norms
What did Thomas Szasz argue?
he argued against medical standpoint of "illness" being a disease

he said that mental illness can affect only the body, so no mental illness
cause and development of a disease in a person
forecase about the probable course of the illnes
What is Maladaptive behavior?
our "coping" mechanisms are not working...addicting behaviors ... i e -drinking, drugs
WHat does DSM-IV stand for?
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness
What are the 5 dimensions or axes of the multi-axial system?
1.Clinical syndromes
2.Personality syndromes or mental retardation (from birth, etc...)
3.General Medical Conditions (recently acquired diseases or compilations)
4.Psychosocial and Environmental problems
5.Global assessment of functioning (GAF) Scale....are you eating, sleeping, normal daily things??
what is a grandose delusion?
you believ eyou are something you're a king, president, or something.
WHo are the main 4 figures in Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic perspectives?
Sigmund Freud, carl Jung, Alfred Adler, and Erik Erikson
Who was the father of Stage development
Erik Erikson
Who are three behavioralists?
John Watson, B.F. Skinner, and Alberta Bandura
How are abnormal behaviors learned?
The same way that normal behaviors are learned:
1.Classical conditioning
2.Operant conditioning
3.Modeling and imitation in learning abnormal behaviors
What is the newer approach to the cognitive perspective?
Emphasize information processing, rather than simple conditioning.

Abnormal behavior arises from abnormal information processing. (i.e. trouble recieving information, trouble storing information, trouble retrieving information, and trouble working with your information.)
Who are two well-known existentialists?
Rollo May, and Viktor Frankl
What is the humanistic approach to abnormalities?
That we are conscious of our behaviors/choices, we are motivated by meaning in life, abnormal behavior comes from mismatch, and anxiety from outside crisis'.
What is the biological perspective?
That we are abnormal physiologically, and biologically.
What is General Anxiety Disorder?
"free floating anxiety." specific trigger..its just always there, or appears randomly.
What is Phobic disorder?
specific focus of fear...sometimes it is a triggered or learned response.
What is Panic Disorder/Agoraphobia?
physical symptoms of anxiety,and shaking of the body, /diharrea
what is OCD?
Obsessive compulsive disorder...mental thoughts, and uncontrollable actions
What is PTSD?
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...
What is "habituation"?
Something that startles you, and the 2nd or 3rd time around it doesn't startle you as much
what is GABA?
An inhibitory neurotransmitter
What is schizophrenia?
a deteriorating ability to function in everyday life...delusions, hallucinations, disorder, innapropriate display of emotions,
What are the two classes of behaviors in schizophrenia?
Negative- behaviors taht are absent that should be present.
Positive- behaviors that are present that should be absent.
What are traits...
behaviors that are not necissarily consistent in every single situation...sometimes you are joyful, sometimes you are depressed...
What is ID motivated by?
What are the three major parts of a person?
ID, EGO, and super EGO
what is ego?
the desire to satisfy the ID urges...but it also takes into consideration, REALITY and the WORLD....i.e. delayed gratification,.."is it practical for me to..."
What is Super EGO?
"is it morally right for me to...?"
Waht are the three mental capacities?
Conscious,-contact with outside world,
Pre-conscious,-material just below surace of awareness
Unconsciousness- difficult to retrieve material; well below the surface of awareness
Who said, "Our personality is a system based upon anxiety and tension..."
Sigmund Freud
What is displacement?
diverting feelings from their original source to another target
What is Reaction formation
behaving ina way that is exactly the opposite of the way one is feeling
What is regression?
an immature pattern of behaviors.
Creating false but plausable excuses to justify unnaceptible behaviors.."blowin smoke"
When is most of personality and characteristics about a person developed according to Freud?
age 5!!! (whatever Freud..not true.)
What are the five stages according to Freud in sequence?
Oral, Anal, Phallic fixation(genital focus), Latency (sexually repressed), and Genital (relationships with opposite sex)
In adults, how do (Freud's) stages manifest themselves?
Smoking drinking, hostility towards the toilet trainer, (mother) or Oedipal Complex:manifest erotically tinged desires for the opposite sex parent..accompanied by feelings for hostility w/same sex parent (penis envy)
What did Carl Jung believe?
he was more open than Freud...(who thought that your actions were controlled by your unconscious desires)

What did Alfred Adler believe?
INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY...striving for superiority...universal drive to adapt and improve oneself...

compensation:efforts to overcome imagined of real inferiorities by developing ones abilities